Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Lotta Noise

The dogs are getting along great ! Wally is definitely not shy or timid, he is a little instigator and likes wrestling with Tucker. Which is exactly what we wanted :)

Tucker was a little stunned at first and almost looked like he was scared to hurt Wally. He would just stand there and look at him ,and then look at us as if to say: " honestly?! what am I supposed to do with the little guy ?"

Now Tucker will wrestle, but he is barley touching him. Wally is still fairly wobbly on his feet and is easy to knock over. Tucker will just use one paw and push him down, or use the side of his head to push him around. Wally HATES it when Tucker gets all excited and does a "run by" Tucker will run by and before Wally knows it Tucker has wapped him and he is flat on his back, he scrambles back to his feet just in time for Tucker to run back the other way and wap him again knocking him off his feet.

It is HILARIOUS to see this tiny little fluffy wuffy puppy get mad! He bares his teeth and has this tiny little growl, sounds like a kitten purrr LOL!

Wally will stand his ground and Tucker is so gentle and meek that he will back off if he isn't too excited. I took a video of them playing around and at one point Wally got so mad and he put the run on Tucker. They makes alot of noise but that is all it is a lot of noise lol!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We finally got in touch with the breeder, and Wednesday Dec 23rd we got a little 1.7lb little ball of fluff named Wally! lol!

We had 2 puppies to choose from. We chose Wally a bit for his coloring cuz he looked so much like Tucker, their marking are almost identical, but also my Hubby was picking this puppy and was looking for 2 things:
- a puppy to hopefully bond with him since tucker is my baby and chose me to be his one and only mommy to be loyal to.
- and a little puppy with a spunky attitude that could hopefully keep up to Tucker.

When Tucker first met the puppy he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, he was a little bit nervous of the new little guy, he kept backing away. Wally immediately became Tuckers shadow and wanted to play. He trots along behind Tucker everywhere it is really cute.

Tucker has his little cushions and beds all over the house and Wally tries to hop in and snuggle with him, but Tucker doesn’t like bein’ all snuggly with him yet, Tucker always flees the situation and then Wally has the bed all to himself.

Tucker was a bit more needy for a bit and wanted a lot of extra love and attention from me just to make sure he was still top dog. Finally by the end of the second day Tucker started to play with Wally. He is quite patient and lets Wally get away with a lot. Then Tucker gets all excited and hyper and probably showing his dominance a bit he does his “friendly” growl and knocks Wally around.

At first Wally loves it and a keeps lunging back at Tucker for more, so Tucker steps it up a a notch and poor Wally is not so stable on his feet and even less on the lino and laminate floors. Wally gets so mad and frustrated and feels a bit threatened when Tucker gets a bit more aggressive. It is SO funny to see sucha tiny little puppy growl and bare his teeth LOL!

He stands his ground tho, and then they quickly make up and Tucker comes over and licks him as if to say “Sorry little buddy I was only playin” Some time it really does look like Tucker is giving him wrestling lessons. I think they are gonna have a few doozy of scraps in the future, they have to figure out their alpha order.

But over all Tucker is definitely calming down, he is more content to snuggle with me and just be my little love instead of ME having to be is wrestling buddy.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Latest Obsession :P

I really want to get another Puppy. It is like that obsessive motherly hormonal need to have a baby but I want a puppy instead LOL!

Tucker is going to be 2 at the end of January. He is a Yorkie Chihuahua cross and is such an adorable perfect little puppy for us!

My husband and my son have allergy induced asthma and allergies to animals, But they have no reaction to Tuckers mix so I am looking for another puppy like him.
Tucker is my baby, he follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. When I am gone, he goes to bed and my hubby says he doesn't come out until he hears the car pull into the driveway, and he is always there waiting when I open the door.

I am his "mommy" and his buddy. He constantly nips playfully, and whines, and barks and talks to me telling me to stop what I am doing and playyyy with him, he wants to wrestle, he wants to play chase, he wants to play hide and seek, he wants to play ball, he NEEDS a pesky little brother!

We phoned the breeder we got him from and she had another batch of Chorkies that will be ready to go around Christmas. She has 2 boys for us to choose from, I have been impatiently waiting for her to send me photos! I was supposed to get some last week! So what do I do?? I check my email every 15, 20, 30 minutes ! LOL!

Then to satisfy my need for puppies pictures I look at online ads just to pass the time . . I saw these little guys and I said to myself those are not puppies they are baby EWOKS! OMG so cute! (not the right doggie for us, but sooooo CUTE!)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, I finally got tired of waiting for the BCABBA website to update their comp schedule for 2010 and I just emailed them.

Turns out the Western Canadians is NOT in April as it has been for the past several years. It is in MAY! all the way into MAY 22nd!

SoooOOOooooo . . . . I am NOT 18weeks out I am 24 weeks out! So I gotta scale back the exuberant cardio training just a bit, gotta leave some in the tank for later. My aim right now is a minimum of 40min 4 times a week, anything beyond that, like swimming, is just a bonus.

This is good and bad news.

Bad cuz I was totally in the zzzooone and a great mental place and all excited to really hit my training and diet hard. Now I gotta hold back just a bit.

Good cuz, I have more time! I will definitely use this extra time to be further ahead with my conditioning than I was last June! I will definately be able to bring my best package yet! That is exciting. oh gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All that Roaring Helped!

Hmm . . . seems I may be feelin' my inner lion a bit more.

It has been my goal for some time now to say that I can bench press my own body weight. I havn't really worked on my flat bench in quite some time, but was feelin' strong and like havin' some fun at the gym yesterday.

I flat benched 135lb for 2 sets of 10 ! I was floatin' on air after that Iwas so excited!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I love this picture!
I have seen it before with the caption:
"where the mind goes, the body follows"
"what matters most is how you see yourself"
I love positive quotes, affirmations, visualisations they really get me thru training for a competition. For example:

I am not one who reallllly loooves cardio, a shown by my lack of doin' so in my off-season LOL!

However, I am driven, I have a goal, I want to do my personal best and beat the old me. Every meal is me competing, every workout and every cardio session.

When I am in comp prep mode cardio becomes my meditating visualization time. My Ipod speaks to me in music. I find meaning in every lyric, I see myself walking on stage, I tear up at the thought of placing top 3 and qualifying for provincials, I even gasp at the sound of my name being called for first, and the smile on my face as I walk out on the stage AGAIN and get every last bit of show time outta my blinged bikini as I compete for figure overall.

I am livin' my dream while I do cardio. I am not only dreaming, but DOING something about it at the same time. It is that aspect of cardio that I LOVE.

Like the other day, I am listening to 3 Days Grace - "Pain without love" and this lyric gave me drive to push harder:

" . . Pain, can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all
Anger and agony Are better than misery
Trust me, I've got a plan
When the lights go up you'll understand . . "
what goes thru my head is this little pep talk:
My legs were burning my lower back was hurting,
I was hatin' that stuuuupid stepper.
But I embraced the pain, " can't get enough, I like it rough"
I pushed thru it. "i've got a plan"
when I am on stage and
"the lights go up you'll (I) understand"
why it was all so worth it!
the pain right now is
"better than the misery"
of losing knowing that i did not try my best
when it counted.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A kick in the A$$ ! ;)

Every once in a while we need a friendly kick in the butt, ya know, friendly reminders to suck it up and be grateful.

Winter is hard for me, seasonal depression on top of depression and anxiety, it can be brutal. BUT winter time is comp. prep. time for me, my local competition choices are Nov, April, June July . . . winter is no time for me to sit around and feed my emotions or allow myself to get in a funk.
I was sent this video by a friend last year and I watch it every once in awhile to remind myself ; I can achieve despite.
Despite WHAT-EV-ER!
This video fires up my determination, my gratitude and of course I cry every time! . . . like a sobbing fool. But, it is good for me.
You may have all seen it before, but we all need reminders. I am gonna watch it again and do my best to not sink into a "woe is me, my life sucks ,and the whole world is against me " funk this winter.
Do not let what you can't do get in the way of what you CAN DO !

Sunday, November 22, 2009

YOWZA! Time Flies !

OMGawsh! only 20 weeks until I compete in the Western Canadians! 20 weeks was my deadline for quitting my off-season carelessness. I am making a point of doin' more cardio, and cutting back on the cheats.

No hard core dieting or cardio yet, just gearin' up for the real action. I know my body needs more time than 12 weeks, so I am gonna slowly taper my body down and be at a great head start when 12 weeks hits then GAME ON!

I am determined to bring a tighter package to the stage every time and so far I have done that, and I am gonna give this my all and once again have a new personal best!

I am SOOoooo excited!

I love structure!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Healthy Lifestyle Stuff"

Well, about the diet plan I was gonna follow from the article . . .

It doesn't work for me, not progress wise, but mental wise. I am not good at flip flopping around. I like steady, predictable, consistent. Switching my diet every 5 days, and having the whole rotational process and cardio, then no cardio, etc is all too much. My life is too busy to put that much thought into my workouts.

I will continue to do what I know and what works for me. Sorry I couldn't give a better update.

Training my husbands boss has been FANTASTIC!! He is the perfect client, he does exactly what I tell him too. I check his food journal and he is doin' awesome! The proof is in his results as well. We were both very pleased with the first weeks weigh in and BF test. :)
He works very hard during his work outs and doesn't wimp out on me, he may make weird painful noises but he keeps goin' LOL! gotta respect that!

Random tidbits from Trey:
(my 7 year old son)

The kids and I were getting the car to pick my hubby up from work, I had packed food to eat; chicken breast , asparagus, and a small dab of soft goat cheese melted over it.
Trey gets in the car and says:

" what is that smell?! . . . ohhh, you're eating your healthy lifestyle stuff again"

And random stuff from me:

I really should wear my glasses when I am on the computer. A few weeks ago when Stacey was bloggin' about Poms in "Pom-tastic" I thought she was bloggin' about porn in Porn-tastic LOL! Thought maybe she had a new workout video to show us LOL!

And then I see the title "the past week" on another blog and I thought it said the peak week and I was all like what!!?!! she competed already?!?! but not yet LOL! I didn't miss it .

maybe I should wear my glasses, or maybe not, keeps things interesting, but for the sake of keepin' things accurate* I probably should :P

*and by accurate I don't mean less typos or improved grammar on my part.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oooh Bee-hayve !

Oh! This is soooo great!

My husbands BOSS, wants to hire me to be his personal trainer! (oh, I can barely type cuz I am vibrating and shrieking with excitement!!) He actually said he wants me to kick his a$$ in the gym!! Ooooh you don't even KNOW what you just said!

Seriously it will give my hubby so much joy to see his boss with legs so stiff and sore he is gonna be walking around the shop like he sh!t his pants, let alone how much he is gonna regret having to sit down and then stand up off the toilet to do just that ! MUhahahHAhahaaaa!

One of the things that drives my hubby nuts (besides the condescending disrespectful arrogance)is when his boss overloads him with work, interrupts him in the middle of an urgent order or project to do some other menial task, (cuz the boss doesn't understand the intricate store operations and computer tasks ) and my hubby tries to explain he doesn't have time (and they are not allowed to put in over time right now) and the boss replies " Buddy, ya gotta make time!"

Oh you know what I am gonna say dontcha ?!! - in the MOST encouraging and professional non-condescending way possible of course ;)

Seriously tho, this is gonna be awesome, I'm really looking forward to this! Just gotta keep tellin' myself be professional be professional don't kill him just be professional . .. . . . .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pretty Pretty bling!

I looove blingin' out suits! Playing with sparkly crystals all day and playing an entire season of Greys Anatomy what a great day!! Plus, having the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini butt in front of me keeps me motivated LOL!

I have been buying new suits and decorating them to sell online, as well as doing my own suits, and now friends are asking me to do their suits. My friend Jess is competing Nov 14th and she wanted to add more bling to her suit. After her last show the judges told her that her suit was too plain, and light, and didn't really stand out. So I had to work around the existing swirly scroll pattern and decided I added a paisley design. Just so happens she loves paisley!

I added 1500 crystals to her 2 piece suit, not plain anymore! She loooved it, she tried it on right away and couldn't stop touchin' it and smiling. Gotta love satisfied customers. 1500 crystals and I charged her $160 a pretty darn good deal too!

Here are some comparison shots (the resolution and focus is kinda crappy cuz they were taken' with her phone or copied from Facebook . . . I forgot to bring my camera to take a pic d'oh!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ducks in a Row

Just having a goal is not enough. You (when I say "you" I mean me , but if you'd like to listen in go ahead LOL) need to have an action plan as to how you will achieve this goal. There must be organization and follow thru.

I am not completely lost, but I feel I need more structure. My life is busy and if things are not cemented in a organized plan and even written out, they may not get done, OR I don't get as much satisfaction from visually checking them off my cluttered list. So, even tho I may be accomplishing what I set out to do, unless I can see it crossed off a list, I will not feel like it was actually done and it remains on my mental to do list, thus decreasing my sense of accomplishment.

So, I must make a workout schedule, plan using the calendar, write down the days I will workout, and what I will be doing.

Food can not be left to chance or last minute decisions of "what am I a gonna eat?" Plan it, Pre-Cook it, Cook in bulk.

So, I must clean out my fridge, so that it is organized, and has room for my pre cooked food, and also frees up some plastic containers for my new food LOL! And , plan a healthy shopping list of things I will need.

I am much more productive with a list, a plan and a schedule .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Cake - Part 1

My Best friend Sarah got married last week, and I had the honour of making her wedding cake, and being in the wedding party.

When she asked me to make her cake I wanted to give her the cake of her dreams and wanted very specific details from her. But I kept getting :

whatever you do I'm sure will be amazing"

I wasn't comfortable with that so I asked for pictures, concepts etc. She gave me 2 pictures and said

" if these 2 cakes had a baby, that would be my wedding cake"


So I did my best and she loved it! Phew!

However, due to complicated circumstances she was not able to have a reception but only a small dinner for 20 people, which doesn't require a lot of cake. So I made the top 3 layers of her cake with styrofoam rounds and the botom layer was big enough to feed her guests so that she could have the size and grandeur of the cake she wanted without wasting excess cake.


We are planning a surprise reception for her and 150 people in a couple weeks and I need to recreate this cake! Thank goodness I can save the top 3 phony layers, (which I so graciously offered to take home and look after while she went on her honeymoon LOL! ) so I just have to bake 2 more larger tiers to go on the bottom. Yay!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Makes Me Go Hmmmm. . .

Along with all the groceries, my wonderful Mommy also sent me a copy of this book:

She wrote me a note in the front cover, and she gave me a package of multi coloured post-it flags to highlight points. She intended for me to read it over the winter . . . but I am already on page 84 of 198 ! and I have 13 post-its in the first 70 pages LOL!

My mom wanted me to highlight points to share with her and we could have our own little book club type discussion on the phone this winter. So sweet cuz she is really helping me to stay in a positive frame of mind over the winter. This could quite possibly be the sweetest thing my mom has ever done for me. Really understanding and accepting of her ( lots of history here ) I just love how wonderfully thought out this gift was.

So, ya, I am almost half way thru it. I really love positve quotes, affirmations, visualizations all of that stuff so this book is really perfect for me.

One of the first things I highlighted was:

" If you see it in your mind, you're hoing to hold it in your hand" ~ Bob Proctor

he also said:

" If you don't understand the law that doesn't mean you should reject it. You may not understand electricity, and yet you enjoy the benefits of it. I don't know how it works. But, I do know this: You can cook your dinner with electricity , and you can also cook the man!"

Such powerful and thought provoking information on the laws of attraction and creating positive thoughts and being in control of your life thru your thoughts and drawing good things to you and being grateful. I could practically quote the whole book cuz it is so wonderful all of it.

ANYWAY . . .

Some interesting things have been happening . . I have been looking for more steady income and part time work that still allows me to make my children a priority, but can help ease some of the financial pressure we feel. In that process of looking at ads and so forth I noticed a job opportunity for my husband.

A job that is actually in the field he is ticketed for, that he has not been able to use to the full in the almost 10 years we have been married. This job also allows for further education in this field, and additional apprenticeship and journeyman ticket !

We wrote up the resume, and cover letter, he dropped it off, made a follow up phone call 2 days later.


Got a call for a job interview!! BUT, the interview had to be at 12 noon . . problem?

My hubbys lunch is not until 1. His BOSS has HIS lunch at noon!

This Boss has just been appointed store manager after the firing of the old manger and is still in the process of this hostile feeling take over, and company transition, and is very hard to work for, and my husband is very nervous around him and fears for his job. (even tho his position is hard to fill and in a small store of 3 employees he is desperately needed)

HOW?! How are we gonna get him to his job interview , ask the boss to trade lunch times and not have to explain . . .

My hubby walks into work and his boss says : " I need a 1 o'clock lunch today "

WHAT?!! sooooo PERFECT!! (thank you universe!)

My hubby played it cool and replied " Oh, Ok, I guess I could go for lunch at 12"

He had a great interview, and this job would mean a great deal more income to our family and would really be wonderful, especially cuz it would be less stress for my husband and a great opportunity for further education!

We can't stop talking about it, and I am very actively thinking about our life as if he has the job. I feel like he has the job!!

We are waiting for the call to tell us he is short listed and has a second interview.

But, the whole lunch hour switch being so perfect and wonderful has me thinking Hmmmmm . .

Also, I have been looking for work and what has been coming my way? WORK, not entirely in the way I expected tho ,

I have been writing up fitness programs for friends,

making a wedding cake,

3 friends want painting and interior design advice / work from me.

My brother has friends who recently found out there 3 year old son is deaf and they are having a hard time finding child care, I know ASL and so do my children, he phoned to see if I would be interested in babysitting,

and he also recently painted his living room after consulting me on colours etc. had 2 more friend interested in interior design advice or painting from me.

Also my friends whom I am training pay me in great moral support and they gave me a gift card to go buy NEW WORKOUT SHOES!! I cried! I have NEVER bought shoes from a sports store before. (usually Wal-Mart) and shoes happened to be on a KICK BUTT sale buy one get one FREEEE!

AND I also needed a new winter coat for my daughter . . but was waiting for a sale, or for the thrift store to have a quality coat in her size show up before it was too cold. .

My friend brings me a bag of hand-me-downs from her daughter. Not one but FIVE winter coats, dressy ones, cools, ones, pink ones, blue ones, and BOOTS, and pants . . I cried!

All these things have me thinking . . . Hmmmm . . the Secret , eh?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Food! and Fish Cakes

My younger brother lives here, and last weekend went home to visit the family and Mom sent him back here with a TRUCK LOAD of groceries for me. TONS of home grown veggies and produce, and fish fillets, and jams, and home canned goods, soups, frozen meatballss, all kinds of stuff! Seriously if I had to buy all that stuff it probably woulda been $ 300-400 !!

She sent a huge bag of white fish fillets, I think they are halibut. A good lean source of protein . . . BUT . . not the yummiest thing . . I prefer tilapia less smelly and fishy tasting and more flaky . . But, I am not gonna waste free food.

So I had to come up with a tolerable way to eat this fish . . I tried poaching it, bah! who am I kidding I just boiled the crap out of it in a big pot of water! LOL! Tried eating it with some light italian dressing just like I would have eaten my tilapia . . EWWwww! I was gaging it was awful, so chewy and fishy . . blech! BUT FREE! . . must eat!

So then I tried making fish cakes, this was my first attempt:

I took the poached boiled and tortured fish weighed out 3oz,
put it in my minni food chopper/processor I
put 1 egg white and a whole ton of Mrs.Dash, garlic and herb and table shake,
and blended it till it was smooth and creamy like thick batter.
I heated up a small skillet and brushed it with a few drops of oil and dumped the batter in.
I made one huge fish cake cuz I was gonna eat the whole thing anyway.
It would probably make 4 smaller cuter fish cakes if ya feel like bein' all Martha Stewart.
I turned out all pretty and golden brown and kinda fluffy. Much easier to chew. I spread dijon mustard on it . . not bad . . not my favorite . . but not bad

My second attempt was much tastier and picture worthy. :)

Veggie Fish Cakes

Blend in mini food chopper till, really mushy, like consistency of hummus :
3oz fish
1 egg white
couple dashes of poultry seasoning
bunch of Mrs. Dash grilled chicken blend

dump that in a bowl and add
grated carrot
chopped steamed broccoli

heat up a non stick pan and brush with a couple drops of oil

I made these all pretty and smaller for the picture, Press firmly into 4 patties and then press flat in the pan , I sprinkled them lightly with pepper and some salty blend stuff

I am sure most of you are more gourmet than me and can add your own spices and veggie mix, adapt the recipe to your taste.

The best part I BARELY TASTED FISH!! they were easy to chew, pleasant to swallow! Good enough for me.

Oh, and they were FREE!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Am Hearing Voices . . .LOL!?

Over at the Muscle and Fitness Hers Forum a member posted this article :

I am gonna give it a try! I have been wishy washy and not stickin' to a specific plan. I want to bulk but get nervous about the weight, so I flip back to leaning, then I have a cheat and a higher carb day . . I need to have more structure. So I am gonna give this plan a go since it is very close to what I am doing now, and it will give me more peace of mind knowing I am actually following something. I will just tweak my diet and training to be more specifically in line with the article and clean up my eats a bit.

Today is day 1 of 5 lean eating days.

I had a cheat meal last night - tortilla chips with homemade artichoke and spinach dip OMGoodness it was so goood and the chips were so light a crispy and crunchy and lightly salted and the dip was so creamy and tangy and spinachy LOL! . . . but I have a huge tummy ache today

I am PMSing (it is really interesting that if you go back in my journal it ALWAYS seems to be when I am PMSing that I get all fired up want to try a new plan and have to do a weigh in and I am all water logged and then when I am ready to hit the gym and get started I get my period, WHY IS THIS??! I swear there must be a real pshycological reason)

anyway . . I weighed myself this morning . .

um . . .

I was 139.8! let's just round that to 140lb!!

BUT I don't really FEEL like 140lbs. (does that count ?)

I mean I am by no means rockin' my cute jeans, and things are a bit tight, but I have had my clothes fit MUCH worse when I weighed 135 before. So I am not entirely happy about how my clothes fit, but I know I am only 2 good weeks away from having most of my clothes feel comfy. Normally most chicks would FREAK OUT about steppin' on the scale and seeing an all time high off season weight . . but I am taking all things into account not just the scale. I am not allowing myself to freak out. Honestly it actually excites me! I am thinking I am gonna be sportin' some new rockin' curvey muscle when I lean out this spring!!

...that is yet to be seen tho LOL!!

. . . 140lbs . . craziness I tell ya! It's like I have a guy on each shoulder, like the devil and angel situation and one guy is sayin:

"freak out! this is not a good off-season you are gonna have a fat butt on stage!"

and the other is sayin:

" no worries! rejoice in your muscle gains, your not fat."

I am just a normal everyday woman with those crazy thoughts, voices in my head and internal battles too ! . . . helloo . it's not just me . . . right?! . . . helloooo.. *chirping crikets *

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ooops ! It has been awhile!

Been crazy busy. My best friend is gettin' married in 8 DAYS!

We had her bachelorette party 2 weeks ago! Wicked awesome time!! we rented a King Size Suite at the Coast Inn of the North, and rented a limo for 2 hours. we did a pub crawl and along the way we did a "that guy" (y know, mullet guy, big side burns guy, too old to be there guy, really buff guy, big belt buckle guy etc) photo scavenger hunt it was a Hooot! We stopped at the fire hall and got to flirt with the fire fighters and hug the pole LOL! Went to a couple clubs and had wayyy tooo much fun!

Last weekend I planned her bridal shower, it was an 80's theme since the bride and groom were born in the 80's ! I dressed my son up in a style reminiscent of Richard Simmons, so hilarious I gotta upload a picture!

As for the gym and fitnessy stuff . .

I've been hittin' the weights pretty hard, have made a new friend who is as competitive and ridiculously in love with weights and muscle as I am. Her brother would like to compete in the April show I wanna do.

We have also been doin' lots of bootcamp style workouts. Pretty much every muscle group in my body is recovering from DOMS. :)

Food has been 70-80% clean. Lots of protein and more carbs than I am used to, but I am telling myself that this is a necessary evil in order to bulk up and really add the muscle I need. But I wanted to widen my back not my BACKSIDE erg! LOL!

But, I may just have to start my official contest prep in a bit stricter mode than usual. Lotsa tilapia and asparagus! :P What a way to start the new year. I WISH they would post the 2010 competition schedule already!! Cuz then I can number my calendar and mark the weeks and register for the comp like a zillions weeks early so I will actually gain some willpower and stick to something!

anyhoo . . . I'll try to work on gettin' ya'll some pics when I get a moment cuz I really need to clean up my house it is embarrassing!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

:P Slurrrp!

I am sitting down to eat chicken breast and cucumber. The first thought that went thru my mind:

" A nice fluffy biscuit would taste really good with this"

Really productive thinking LOL!

MMmmmm biscuitsss . . . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*Dance and Squeal*

1st Day of School tomorrow!!

. . barely . .

kids only go for 2 hours . . ....what a tease LOL!

This is gonna be like a whole pivotal moment in life for me. No kids at home during the day!
6 whole hours a day to be ME!

First thing I am gonna focus on is finishing my PT course and FINALLY getting ISSA Certified!!
Then go fulfill a fantasy and work at my Gym!! That means all kinds of perks and FREE membership!

Oh, oh. . . Fitness and FREE . . . . oh oh oh yyyyeahhhhhh! MMmmm . . . . yes! yes! yesss! so good!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Fav's

My two current favorite foods (healthy fitnessy foods) currently are:

Chicken Breast with Almond Butter. YES! ALMOND BUTTER. *love* I 've been eating it alot and I am not sick of it yet.


Protein Pudding. I mix my chocolate protein powder, with some sugar free jello pudding powder add a little bit of water, stir till thick and smooth then, grab a big spoon, and take a 1Tbsp scoop of natural PB and stir that in. YUM! and when I drink a glass of water with that, woah! It fills me up!

Another thing I really like, is feeling soreness in my glute muscles! Like right deep down in the big fat buttcheeks that I am trying to trim down. I just imagine that soreness turning into muscle growth and givin' me a firm round booty. Maybe not how it works scientifically but it works just fine for my positive visualizations :P

HOLY CRAP 8 DAYS 'till my sisters wedding! I gotta go do some stuff . . . . .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ta DA!

My first whimsical cake!

This was sooooo FUN!
The entire thing ( except for the twisty branches) is edible, even the heart and banner cake topper and flowers are made from marshmallow fondant.
Marshmallow Fondant.
1 bag of mini marshmallows
1kg bag of icing sugar
Use LOTS of Crisco (1/4 - 1/2 cup) and grease a large circle area on your counter to knead the fondant later.
Grease a microwaveable bowl with Crisco. Dump whole bag of marshmallows. Toss marshmallows with 1 tablespoon of water.
Microwave for 30 seconds stir. Repeat until marshmallows are all melted and a nice frothy liquid.
Add half the bag of icing sugar to the bowl and stir.
Dump the other half of the icing sugar on the greased counter and spread it out.
Dump the mixture in the bowl onto the counter and begin tot knead mixture just like you would bread dough. Work all the icing sugar into the fondant.
You can use it right away, or lightly grease it with Crisco and store it in a air tight bag for later use. You may need to microwave it for a few seconds to warm it up when you need to use it later.
Super easy, cheap, and YUMMY. No one has ever peeled the fondant off and left it on the side of their plate. I always get compliments on how yummy the fondant is and how surprised people were when they tasted it. :)
. . . yeah this is not a low fat or low sugar recipe by any means LOL!

Cake at Midnight

No, I am not wallowing in self pity and eating cake at midnight . . . I am just baking it . LOL!

Enuf of that funk I was in, I am back onto better things.

My bestest (ya I said bestest) friend just got engaged and we are having an engagement party this Wednesday. I am making the cake, YAY! It is also a trial run for the topsy turvy, whimsical, checkerboard cake I wanna make for my sisters wedding. So even tho it is one more thing on my busy plate I am havin' fun with it and glad to be doin' it cuz I have already learned what NOT to do LOL! this will save me time and stress next week. Bonus!

So . . . . . it is midnight and I am waiting for cake to finish baking. Cuz, I got a late start after goin' to the gym after hubby got off work, makin' supper, fumbling with 6 boxes of cake batter, taking a break to play a 4 player family game of Mario Carts on our practically antique Nintendo 64 (but still the best IMO) then put the kids to bed late like wayyyyy past 9 late, then finally finish scooping all the cake batter into the pans and wait for it all to cook . . .

. . . . yeah nothing like falling asleep to the smell of fresh baked cake :P

I am so excited to wake up tomorrow and play with marshmallow fondant and make a purrrdy cake! I'll show ya'll pics when it is done.

Oh, and just in case my run-on sentences annoy you . . . my life is one big run-on sentence and so goes my blog , that probably isn't gonna change. I know my blog grammar sucks , but I just don't care. I am edu-ma-cay-ted, I just choose to be care free here LOL!

I'm gonna go try to shut my brain off and ZZZZZzzzzzz.....

One more thing:

My 7 year old son said today:
"you are actually pretty good at all this wedding stuff"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts 'n' Stuff

I suffer from an anxiety disorder, and chronic depression . . .

. . . today I am freakin' out a bit. I am havin' one of those moments where I want everything and nothing at the same time.

I have all these thoughts that overwhelm my brain. Random thoughts that can not be put in logical order. They range from, wondering about taking care of my parents when they are old and need extra care, to wondering about how to plan a funeral, how I am going to pay my next bill, who my kids new school teachers are gonna be, what will I do if my kids get bullied, I hope my sister doesn't blame me if anything goes wrong at her wedding, where are my black workout pants?!! I have a lot of laundry to do, but for my constant feeling of a lack of having any clothes why is it so hard to find a place to put all this laundry!? I hope we don't get into a car accident this winter, I would really like to be able to afford good winter tires not just "winter rated all seasons" *rolling eyes* should I get a puppy to keep Tucker company, but what if I get a part time job will my dogs be lonely? Will I be too tired to spend quality time with my kids . . . the thoughts just keep coming and they all need an answer immediatley , so my brain thinks.

Not to mention all the projects and ideas and to do lists in my head that keep me so distracted I don't even know where to begin so I sit there and do nothing cuz I am too stressed about where to start, then the longer I sit with my thoughts the worse I feel, until I am too scared to get up cuz I feel like my next move would not be constructive

and all that gets so much worse when I am hormonal and have my period which brings me to my state today.

I should go to the gym, I know I will feel a bit better if I do. But I really need a break from my kids and I would rather spend a luxurious hour away from them doing anything else but sweating and feelin' like crap in the gym today . . .

which leads to another thought. I have this coupon for a one month pass to a local gym, that I am not a member at. BUT I am wondering if I could find someone who would want it and that I know and trust and would be willing to babysit my kids for it.

Yeah that's right I am contemplating paying a babysitter in coupons!

. . . and the date with my hubby would be paid for with coupons, we both probably have enough reward points to get free movie vouchers, and we have a coupon for a 2 for 1 dinner entree at our favorite Japanese grill.

I just need a break and some peace and quiet . . . I want to be alone but I don't want to be lonely.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Thinkin' Burger.

We were driving by a roadside burger stand and I know I have gotten a milkshake there before, but I couldn't remember if I have ever tried their burgers or if they were any good.

So I ask my hubby " You've got a burger from there before haven't you?"

" I'm not sure why do you ask?"

" I was just wondering if they were good or not. I am just thinking about good burgers . . . "

then he said , (and this is the whole random point ) :

" I can't remember if they were memorable or not"

SERIOUSLY he was NOT kidding ! LOL!

I am just thinkin' hamburger, just thinkin' . . . .

Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Growing . . .

Recently I have been having a dilema about which competition to do next, and which federation to compete in . .
I am a current competitive member of the BCABBA. I placed 5th in my last competition. I need to place top 3 to qualify for provincials which is my current long term goal for now. My next opportunity to qualify is in November at the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic in New Westminster OR in April at the Western Canadians in Kelowna. OR I could join the INBF and do a show Oct 3rd which is a pro qualifier and there is even small amounts of cash to be won!

I am feelin' I won't be ready for an early October show. Even tho the idea of cash, no matter how little it may be is tempting, I just don't think I would be bringin' my A-Game. I don't think I would enjoy the prep as much cuz I'd be too stressed about the time crunch . . . maybe I'll try next year now that I know . . .

So that leaves me with the BCABBA shows. I have also decided against Nov. It is more than a 9 hour drive in winter weather . . too scary. Plus, my physique would not be ready IMO.
So, even tho I will have to re-new my BCABBA membership to compete in April, I think that gives me the best amount of time to really bring up my weak areas and then trim down my excess. :P Plus, that show is only a 7 hour drive, and in a much better season.
I think taking extra time is a going to be a wise decision. I sat down and thought about it. My long term goal for now is to make it to Provincials. So I have a whole YEAR before provincials, so I should really take advantage of that time. There is no need to rush onto the stage again (other than I have so much fun doing it) I really need to take this time to make the changes I need to in order to actually accomplish my long term goal. So, even tho it may feel like I am doing nothing at times cuz I am not really in contest prep mode, I really am working toward my goal, with each workout and putting my all into it to build up my weak areas. It will be a very exciting "reveal" when I lean down again and see what changes I have made!!
I was reading Heather Bears blog today. She has recently made the same decision to postpone competing in order to really work on her physique. But what she said to today really struck me :
"Kenny and I finally got a weekend together w/ Jen, Brian, Lishia and some of Brian's family at Lake Erie. This was a NON-working weekend and I had a blast. It was nice to get away. Kenny and I have never been there before. For the first time, all of us sat down and had a drink, cheeseburger and fries. This never happens because one of us is always dieting for a show. My husband was actually the one that noticed it. Kenny said, "you're all eating"!!!! It is so nice to eat and have fun and NOT worry about it. Lishia made a statement that made alot of sense. We are in our off-season and we think we look fat, but the difference is that we know how to get it off in 8-12 weeks where others don't. We actually look half way decent compare to the rest of the women out there. This is where women have issues, they think we look like we do at a show, year round-and we can't. I've had a few people tell me, wow your puttin on weight-and I just say YES and I love it. The only way to make changes to your body is to put on weight while continuing to workout in your off-season. Anyways, my point was that I had a blast and ate ALOT!!!! "

I have put on WEIGHT! I weighed myself this morning and I was at 134.4!! Not where I need to be to fit my cute little jeans. BUT it is a wayyyy different 134lbs that it would have been a few years ago. I can still fit most of my everyday clothes right now. If I weighed 134lbs a few years ago I would been 5 sizes BIGGER! and much much JIGGLIER! Right now I can still see some definition and I can see some veins popping in my shoulders and arms at the gym when I am all pumped. The condition of my butt however is not so lucky . . LOL!

And I also realized that in order to add the muscle that I want, I am going to be heavier even when I lean down next time. This is a continual process of growing and learning. I have to allow my mind to grow with my expectations. This last competition taught me a bit of that. I was probably 115-117 when I stepped on stage - my fist comp I was 113. I could have freaked out this time and not felt ready cuz in my mind I had to be 113 to be stage ready. But the reality is I WAS ready and I looked better at my new 117 than I did at my old 113, cuz I had added more muscle. I was heavier this time but I was LEANER this time.
2007 vs 2009

So now that I see the scale going up I am trying not to freak. 134 could be freak out stuff for me (most of my teens and my 20's i never weighed more than 120, but I am smaller now so HA!), but I have been training hard and heavy and some of that is muscle, some of it is water, and I need the weight right now to help me get to my goal, so I am gonna embrace it . . . . . . to a certain point LOL!

In all honesty it could be better. My diet has been extremely horrible, which has led to such rapid weight gain. This past weekend was a long weekend and my in laws made a 5 day stay out of it. I had at at least 2 beers or coolers a day, I made 2 different ice cream cakes, I ate nachos, and an entire $3 bag of 5cent gummy candies! and hamburgers, and hot dogs, and pasta salad, and potato chips and more . . .
I don't eat like that everyday, so with a return to clean eating I won't be as pooofy as I am now but the lesson is still the same, I WILL be heavier. I need to continue to adapt my expectations I am still learning and growing . . . (in many ways LOL!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eat, Drink, and Be Poofy!

Here's to new begginings! LOL!
So..... my inlaws were here for 4 1/2 days. And I chillaxed, I just went with the flow and I ate what I wanted and drank what I wanted went to the gym . . . once
That was actually a good thing, cuz most of last week was a write off due to an unusual family emergency. Most times I can get around interuptions in my schedule and carry on, but last week just blew me outta the water. So it was AWESOME when my bro-in-law asked to go tot the gym!! I got him and my sis-in-law a 7 day free visitors pass (tee hee hee . . . shhhh!) We had intentions of going at least twice while they were here . . . intentions . . .
Not only did they help get me to the gym, but yesterday (last day of their visit) they all schemed with my hubby to get me outta the house. The got me hook line and sinker by asking if I wanted to take pics of my nephews at the skatepark!
While I was gone they CLEANED MY HOUSE!! It is so sparkly and shiny! It is cleaner than when they got here, they even wiped my kids hand prints of the wall in the hally and dusted my ceiling fan kinda cleaning! WOW! I should be good for like 2 weeks now! (jk)

So for all my stressing and freakin' out last week, things are lookin' up in a huge way! :)
So now I am 3 1/2 weeks away from my lil'sis' wedding, and I got to get my butt in gear!!
I am going to try a more moderate approach to Keto . . . (I know, I know, ya'll are thinkin' make up your mind you wishy washy flake! LOL!) But, instead of eating bacon and sausage and megga ammounts of fat like traditional keto I am following the plan outlined in a book by Team Scivation it is a FREE download, and if I love anything more than fitness it is FREE STUFF, so you combine free and fitness well that is like orgasm good! (oh no she din't !!) LOL!

oh and another thing that is amazing peanut and almond butter are encouraged and a preferable fat source on this plan . OMGoh oh! oh! oh! ooohhhh.......

K, I'm done. :P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trying to Stay Sane . . .


This week can NOT be over with fast enough and it is only WEDNESDAY! This is a brief rundown of my manic situation . . . I'll just give you the highlights.

Tuesday morning starts with an early morning phone call my father-in-law is in the hospital.

Screw any plans of getting anywhere with the car cuz Hubby needs it and that obviously takes priority.

My computer is infected with a virus . . fighting that.

I am expecting more in-laws to come visit this long weekend. 6 people in fact. I have a bed for 2 of them. The boys will have to tent in the back yard, and my kids will sleep on the floor . . . we'll make it work . . .

BUT . . because of the hospitalization 2 more family members drove to town in a panic and they are staying at my house as well.

AND my son is sick with "slapcheek" or " 5th disease" whatever you wanna call it, and his rash gets WAYYYY worse when he is in the sun. So despite the fact that we have been having a record heat wave for the past week and a half, my kids are stuck inside and driving me MAD!

And today my little chihuahua yorkie - Tucker was choking (on what i don't know )and fell over, recovered but then was still in distress so I had to call my husband home from work so he could rush us to the vet. Tucker is on prednisone to reduce the swelling in his throat and is on a soft food diet for a few days. He is still making gulping moves while sticking his head wayyy forward like he is tryig to swallow something. The vet thinks he swallowed whatever it was and now his throat is just irritated. Hopefully he improves in the next day or so or they may have to do further exploring. So whatever he swallwed is now in his little tummy and we have no idea what it is and what it will do to him, so he is under close observation . . .

My sister is getting married in a few weeks and I have topiaries and trellis' and favors and tulle ALL OVER my house cuz I am making a crap load of stuff.

I had no clean towels for company so I am frantically doing laundry. I open the dryer to discover the socks and underwear have been fused together, and hard clumps of glue are stuck to the dryer drum cuz a hot glue gun stick SOMEHOW ended up in the dryer . . . . . .

So, nothing "inspirational" will be spewing from my lips for a few days, thanks for "listening" I am just gonna go scream into a pillow now . . . .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Along For The Ride

This is so cool! My cute little friend Shannon Davies is featured as Competitor of the Week on!!

She sent me the link cuz she included a picture of me and Credwyn with her (we are all from the same town) from our last competition together! HOW SWEET IS SHE?!!

The last picture in the profile, I am the one on the left; royal purple suit. :)
Credwyn placed 2nd in masters figure and this was her 1st competition! I placed 5th in medium figure. Shannon won figure short and figure overall at that competition and qualified for provincials. She is really gonna go far in the industry, and she is such a lovely person.

CONGRATS to Shannon!

Oh! How I Missed Thee . .

Protein Pancakes! Cottage Cheese! Oh how I missed thee!

I have just been stuck in this rut of competition dieting for the past 3 years and I have never put cottage cheese back into my diet! I have been scared of dairy.

. . . but I have to admit I was a cottage cheese addict. Hi, my name is Sylvia and I am a recovering cottage cheese aholic. I would eat cottage cheese for breakfast in my pancakes, for my mid morning snack with apples and oats , I would blend it up with seasonings and make a dip for my veggies, a dip that I could eat an entire CUP of! YUM! . . . I ate cottage cheese with everything! I think there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

I loved how my physique made changes after eliminating dairy from my diet. I had been stuck with no progress for so long then, bam! My butt and thighs finally went down a bit. So I developed an addiction, or obsession with the skinny lean feeling and became scared of dairy.

But I am adding it back into my diet with moderation.

Today I made my FAVORITE protein pancakes!

( . . . yeah I am not able to do the keto diet, it makes my tummy feel too gross.) anyway my pancakes . . so fluffy, and yummy, and big and satisfying ! I don't even want regular pancakes when I can have these!

Protein Pancakes
makes 2 servings

Put in a blender in this order:

4 egg whites
1/2 C. Cottage Cheese
1/2 C. oats
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp baking powder

Blend well. Pour half the batter in a lightly oiled, large non-stick pan. Cook well on each side, these are thick and fluffy they take a while to cook thru, so don't be in a hurry to flip it.

Today I sprinkled fresh picked saskatoon berries on the raw pancake in the pan to ensure even distribution of my berries. I like to top them with frozen blueberries, I microwave them till they are hot and juicy and I add 1 pkt of splenda and pour it over my pancake.

As you can see they are HUGE that is not a cute little saucer that is a full size DINNER PLATE! I suppose I coulda made several cute little pancakes and made an adorable little stack, but . . . . nnaaaa! . . . this is easier. Who has time for bein' all "Martha Stewart" when I am gonna wolf it down in 2 minutes anyway LOL! Besides I think an entire plate covered in one big pancake IS a wonderful thing . . . . don't you?!

Nutitional Data
1 LARGE Pancake

Calories 122
Protein 16
Carbs 11g
Fiber 1g
Sugar 2.5g
Fat 2.5g

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Words of Wisdom

My son, who is turning 7 next month, is such a chatterbox, he talks NON-STOP, he is never without something to say. I am not exagerating in the least. He is alwayyyyys talking!

Sometimes it can be pretty entertaining cuz he says the most random things. I really shoulda kept a blog of his random tid bits of wisdom and insight which usually come from the back seat of the car and start with " Hey, Mom, you know what would be cool? . . . "

Yesterday I was in the kitchen, he walks in and says:

" Hey Mom, wouldn't it be cool if everyone on earth could fly, but they would still eat cereal, but I wouldn't lay eggs, but laying eggs is better than having a baby in your belly"

Previous to this no one was talking about birds, we had not been talking about cereal or babies he just randomly comes up with these thoughts and strings them all together in a sentence.

. . . priceless!

Friday, July 24, 2009

If The World Could Just Revolve Around Me . . .

I am trying to decide what to do today. Well, not really what to do, but which and how much . . .
My gym schedule got messed up a bit this week. I am working out in the evenings for the summer to try and save money and not use childminding so much. Tuesday it was my turn to go to the gym while hubby watched the kids.


I got suckered invited to a meeting for a marketing scam opportunity. It was only supposed to be 30min long . . . yyyyyeah . . . the first 30 min were spend trying to get the computer presentation sound to work . . . then another 40min later they fianally tell ya what this "company" is all about and inform YOU that YOU could be rich to if you buy in for $500 . . . erg!

I kept looking at my watch and seeing my gym time slipping away . . but I am too polite to walk out of the middle of a presentation and on the friend who invited me. *sigh*

At the end 2hours I ended up crying , cuz of all the pressure AND my pent up anger and frustration of people talking about $500 like woop- deee- dooo it's only $500 ! Well to me that is a small fortune, that I don't have and am not gonna fork over so willingly , not to mention if I ain't convinced this is a good idea I am not gonna go ask for anyone else $500! . . . I was emotionally drained and mad and frustrated when I left I am surprise I didn't go home and faceplant into and oreo cake!

So long story short I missed my workout LOL!

Thurs I can't get to the gym cuz it is hubbys day to use the car and Thurs evenings are busy.

So what I am trying to decide is if I should combine 2 workouts today so I don't have to go to the gym on Sat. Cuz I have OTHER STUFF to do on Sat.

Hubby was told to take half of the day off today YAY! he gets to leave at 12. So we booked childminding and we will go together.

Today is supposed to be legs, and I can't skip a leg workout they neeeeed it. My other workout to be accomplished is shoulders which I am also trying to build and don't want to miss.

So I am thinking I am gonna try to do a HUGE superset, circuit workout . . leg exercise, shoulder exercise, cardio interval . . ('scuse me I think I just threw up a little ) it is gonna be harsh cuz I have a lot to get done in a relatively short ammount of time.

I just hate it when things don't go according to schedule, but who am I kidding?! I don't have a schedule, I have a wish list of things, a tentative plan, of what I would like to get done as long as there are no interruptions, emergencies, lack of clean towels or underwear, delays, sickness, or someone elses more important needs . . LOL?

Bottom line I have to be flexible and find a way to at least get my workouts in - you can always buy more clean underwear from the dollar store LOL! (I can't afford to buy a new body)

So as much as I complain about me having to bust my a$$ this afternoon and combine workouts . . . .

. . . . . . I am probably gonna love it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Fittin' Jeans . . . Eventually

Well, my off-season goal of fitting in my cute jeans needs better approach. Cuz, apparently eatin' whatever I feel like is not workin' LOL!
6 1/2 weeks after competing and I can't even do up the jeans I was rockin' more than 6 weeks before competing.

Ugh! I am wondering if I should really start my blog with such a crappy image . . .

So now I have decided to try a ketogenic diet, something I have NEVER done before. To be honest, I find it scary. BUT, I seen other figure competitors and bodybuilders have amazing results. So I am going to see how my body reacts.

My sister is getting married on Aug 29. When I started that gave me 6 weeks to get in those jeans. Not that I am wearing the jeans to the wedding :P I just know that when I fit those jeans I look good and feel good about they way I look. :)

I am almost done my first week and the scale in goin' down . . . I have NOT tried on the jeans, I will refrain from daily torture.

I am doing 4 weight workouts a week, with intense cardio intervals between sets (skipping, pop-squats, up-and overs, step ups, burpees etc ) keeping my heart rate up and incorporating my cardio the entire time I am at the gym. (40-50 min)

I have decided to start my re-feed on Saturday. So before I do my re-feed I will try on the jeans and do a weight update. Then I want to do another jean fitting and weigh in on Monday to compare results before and after re-feed.

Is This Supposed To Be Hard?!

Ya'll have NO IDEA how long it took me to find a template and fumble my way thru html. PHEW!

I know NOTHING about html.

So please hang it there while I figure this all out and get all my links and tabs working etc.

But I am bloggin and I am EXCITED!