Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Lotta Noise

The dogs are getting along great ! Wally is definitely not shy or timid, he is a little instigator and likes wrestling with Tucker. Which is exactly what we wanted :)

Tucker was a little stunned at first and almost looked like he was scared to hurt Wally. He would just stand there and look at him ,and then look at us as if to say: " honestly?! what am I supposed to do with the little guy ?"

Now Tucker will wrestle, but he is barley touching him. Wally is still fairly wobbly on his feet and is easy to knock over. Tucker will just use one paw and push him down, or use the side of his head to push him around. Wally HATES it when Tucker gets all excited and does a "run by" Tucker will run by and before Wally knows it Tucker has wapped him and he is flat on his back, he scrambles back to his feet just in time for Tucker to run back the other way and wap him again knocking him off his feet.

It is HILARIOUS to see this tiny little fluffy wuffy puppy get mad! He bares his teeth and has this tiny little growl, sounds like a kitten purrr LOL!

Wally will stand his ground and Tucker is so gentle and meek that he will back off if he isn't too excited. I took a video of them playing around and at one point Wally got so mad and he put the run on Tucker. They makes alot of noise but that is all it is a lot of noise lol!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We finally got in touch with the breeder, and Wednesday Dec 23rd we got a little 1.7lb little ball of fluff named Wally! lol!

We had 2 puppies to choose from. We chose Wally a bit for his coloring cuz he looked so much like Tucker, their marking are almost identical, but also my Hubby was picking this puppy and was looking for 2 things:
- a puppy to hopefully bond with him since tucker is my baby and chose me to be his one and only mommy to be loyal to.
- and a little puppy with a spunky attitude that could hopefully keep up to Tucker.

When Tucker first met the puppy he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, he was a little bit nervous of the new little guy, he kept backing away. Wally immediately became Tuckers shadow and wanted to play. He trots along behind Tucker everywhere it is really cute.

Tucker has his little cushions and beds all over the house and Wally tries to hop in and snuggle with him, but Tucker doesn’t like bein’ all snuggly with him yet, Tucker always flees the situation and then Wally has the bed all to himself.

Tucker was a bit more needy for a bit and wanted a lot of extra love and attention from me just to make sure he was still top dog. Finally by the end of the second day Tucker started to play with Wally. He is quite patient and lets Wally get away with a lot. Then Tucker gets all excited and hyper and probably showing his dominance a bit he does his “friendly” growl and knocks Wally around.

At first Wally loves it and a keeps lunging back at Tucker for more, so Tucker steps it up a a notch and poor Wally is not so stable on his feet and even less on the lino and laminate floors. Wally gets so mad and frustrated and feels a bit threatened when Tucker gets a bit more aggressive. It is SO funny to see sucha tiny little puppy growl and bare his teeth LOL!

He stands his ground tho, and then they quickly make up and Tucker comes over and licks him as if to say “Sorry little buddy I was only playin” Some time it really does look like Tucker is giving him wrestling lessons. I think they are gonna have a few doozy of scraps in the future, they have to figure out their alpha order.

But over all Tucker is definitely calming down, he is more content to snuggle with me and just be my little love instead of ME having to be is wrestling buddy.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Latest Obsession :P

I really want to get another Puppy. It is like that obsessive motherly hormonal need to have a baby but I want a puppy instead LOL!

Tucker is going to be 2 at the end of January. He is a Yorkie Chihuahua cross and is such an adorable perfect little puppy for us!

My husband and my son have allergy induced asthma and allergies to animals, But they have no reaction to Tuckers mix so I am looking for another puppy like him.
Tucker is my baby, he follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. When I am gone, he goes to bed and my hubby says he doesn't come out until he hears the car pull into the driveway, and he is always there waiting when I open the door.

I am his "mommy" and his buddy. He constantly nips playfully, and whines, and barks and talks to me telling me to stop what I am doing and playyyy with him, he wants to wrestle, he wants to play chase, he wants to play hide and seek, he wants to play ball, he NEEDS a pesky little brother!

We phoned the breeder we got him from and she had another batch of Chorkies that will be ready to go around Christmas. She has 2 boys for us to choose from, I have been impatiently waiting for her to send me photos! I was supposed to get some last week! So what do I do?? I check my email every 15, 20, 30 minutes ! LOL!

Then to satisfy my need for puppies pictures I look at online ads just to pass the time . . I saw these little guys and I said to myself those are not puppies they are baby EWOKS! OMG so cute! (not the right doggie for us, but sooooo CUTE!)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, I finally got tired of waiting for the BCABBA website to update their comp schedule for 2010 and I just emailed them.

Turns out the Western Canadians is NOT in April as it has been for the past several years. It is in MAY! all the way into MAY 22nd!

SoooOOOooooo . . . . I am NOT 18weeks out I am 24 weeks out! So I gotta scale back the exuberant cardio training just a bit, gotta leave some in the tank for later. My aim right now is a minimum of 40min 4 times a week, anything beyond that, like swimming, is just a bonus.

This is good and bad news.

Bad cuz I was totally in the zzzooone and a great mental place and all excited to really hit my training and diet hard. Now I gotta hold back just a bit.

Good cuz, I have more time! I will definitely use this extra time to be further ahead with my conditioning than I was last June! I will definately be able to bring my best package yet! That is exciting. oh gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All that Roaring Helped!

Hmm . . . seems I may be feelin' my inner lion a bit more.

It has been my goal for some time now to say that I can bench press my own body weight. I havn't really worked on my flat bench in quite some time, but was feelin' strong and like havin' some fun at the gym yesterday.

I flat benched 135lb for 2 sets of 10 ! I was floatin' on air after that Iwas so excited!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I love this picture!
I have seen it before with the caption:
"where the mind goes, the body follows"
"what matters most is how you see yourself"
I love positive quotes, affirmations, visualisations they really get me thru training for a competition. For example:

I am not one who reallllly loooves cardio, a shown by my lack of doin' so in my off-season LOL!

However, I am driven, I have a goal, I want to do my personal best and beat the old me. Every meal is me competing, every workout and every cardio session.

When I am in comp prep mode cardio becomes my meditating visualization time. My Ipod speaks to me in music. I find meaning in every lyric, I see myself walking on stage, I tear up at the thought of placing top 3 and qualifying for provincials, I even gasp at the sound of my name being called for first, and the smile on my face as I walk out on the stage AGAIN and get every last bit of show time outta my blinged bikini as I compete for figure overall.

I am livin' my dream while I do cardio. I am not only dreaming, but DOING something about it at the same time. It is that aspect of cardio that I LOVE.

Like the other day, I am listening to 3 Days Grace - "Pain without love" and this lyric gave me drive to push harder:

" . . Pain, can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all
Anger and agony Are better than misery
Trust me, I've got a plan
When the lights go up you'll understand . . "
what goes thru my head is this little pep talk:
My legs were burning my lower back was hurting,
I was hatin' that stuuuupid stepper.
But I embraced the pain, " can't get enough, I like it rough"
I pushed thru it. "i've got a plan"
when I am on stage and
"the lights go up you'll (I) understand"
why it was all so worth it!
the pain right now is
"better than the misery"
of losing knowing that i did not try my best
when it counted.