Monday, November 29, 2010


This years Sandra Wickham Fall Classic was huge!! HUGE I tell ya!! Almost 150 competitors , making it the largest show in BC history. The audience set records too, the evening show had 1,103 attend, THE biggest crowd at ANY Canadian show, nationally or provincially!

The girls did great for their first competition. The competition was TIGHT! Wow! the caliber of athletes was IMPRESSIVE! definitely gonna make me work hard and focus for Provincials this summer!!

Jodi looking Fab during pre-judging

Mel, giving a little sass during her photo shoot

Jodi Placed 7th and Mel placed 6th.  It was their first figure show and nerves got them a bit, and their posing was a little off . . could have been more relaxed at times, or more tight at times.  But they really looked beautiful and they did great, I am so proud of them!! They used it as a great learning experience and will use that for their next show. Both want to work on their lats, they need to work on V-Taper :)

Two great super classy girls, so glad to call them teammates!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is SO COOL!

I am finally catching up with 21st century technology! I am able to blog on the go now. I updated my ancient little flip phone and got me an iPhone!

This is going to be so handy for this weekend. I am traveling down to New Westminster to see my two BWX Sports teammates compete in the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic. They are looking fabulous, they are the complete package. I am confident they will be placing in the top 3!

I enjoying my new toy, er business tool.

Downloaded and started using a free app called MyFitnessPal it is super handy and takes all the guess work out of my meals.

Also a run tracker app. Maps my route, my speed, distance, elevation all that cool stuff!
I tried that for the first time today and now I can't imagine doing an outdoor workout without it.

Yup took me less than 24 hours to be addicted and dependent on my iPhone

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

THE Moment !

Look at this photo!!!

I saw that pic this morning and it gave me GOOSEBUMPS!!

THE MOMENT . . . YOUR moment . . . that split second before you compose yourself, breathe deep, tell yourself you are the most beautiful girl in the show . . the moment you get the judges all to yourself . . all eyes on you . . the moment you shed blood sweat and tears for . . .
GAW! that picture just fires me up inside!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shoulder Day

Shoulder day is MY FAVE! I saw this video of Pauline Nordin doing 1 arm shoulder presses with a 50lb DB!! She was spotting herself setting the weight up with her free arm and then doing the negative.


I don't know where I saw that . . if anyone finds it let me know please.

So I made my own video today. I am using a 35lb DB not nearly as bada$$ as Ms. Fighter Diet and on my second try with the left side I had a pretty shaky start, but got it under control.

My hubby did the video for me :)

This is only my second time doing these. I tried them last week for the first time and I only got ONE set of 4 reps and I was DONE!

Today I got 5 reps on my first set and then did TWO more sets of four after that!! Fueled by Body Wise??? I am feeling pretty darn awesome today . . and my recovery after my workout was great mentally anyway. My muscles feel toasted but 10 minutes after I was done I wanted to go to the gym and kick A$$ at something else! LOL!

Oh, speaking of really cool stuff, my gym is launching TRX Suspension training classes this week. LOVE IT! . . .mostly cuz I didn't face plant! LOL! . . . Seriously I have been wanting to buy those things and give it a try for - EVER ! it will be a class that costs extra, not included in the membership . that kinda sux . .but maybe I can afford to go once a week or every 2 weeks maybe. REALLY love it sooo MUCH!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's HERE!!

My first box of BWX Sports Supplements came today just after 4pm!!

Oooohh look at that!!

Certificate of quality in every shipment!
That is a huge pile of great quality immune boosting,
cellular energy producing,
recovery promoting supplements right there!


I am very excited to use these supplements and blog about their benefits !

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look Again

This was my most challenging cake to date ! I was asked to make a cake that looked like a stack of files. Two guys at the steel workers union office had birthdays and this was to look like a stack of grievances for them.

The entire thing is edible . . if you so choose to eat all that sugary marshmallow paste :P . . the files, pen , paperclips, coffee mug, pocket knife, motorbike key, desk calendar, post -it, is all fondant work. The cake was carrot with cream cheese frosting.

The cake was a HUGE hit! The guys didn't even recognize it as a cake ! It was the talk of the office and all my business cards were snapped up! I am looking forward to more projects in the future :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well you see can by a few changes I have made to my blog that I got the sponsorship!
How COOOL is that!? I am so honoured to have even been considered , to have even been OFFERED a sponsorship, but to actually be part of the team, a BWX Sports sponsored athlete WOW!

This is bigger than I could have imagined. My supplements will be here next week, I will have a couple new shirts to work out in. There is mention of trips. appearances, booth work! WOW!
So many details yet to come!!

If you would have told me 5 years ago, heck even 2 years ago , if I would be where I am now . . . I wouldn't believe it it would be this big! Start living the life you want and everything else will fall in line.

So many people expect so much to happen when they reach their weight loss goal they feel that once they have that body that means then THEN they are living the life of a fit person. Live the life of a fit person NOW, and the body and all your dreams will follow!

My newest client wants to compete in June . . she may feel her body is a long way off, that she has to lose the weight before she can train for a competition. I told her last night after she totally kicked butt in her workout pushed so hard I thought her eyes were gonna fly out . .I said.

"YOU ARE TRAINING LIKE A FIGURE GIRL." You are doing it right now! You are eating like a competitor, your are training like a competitor . .the goal is right now! You are doing exactly what I do when I am 12 weeks out from a competition or I want to tighten things up in my off season. Her eyes got so big, and I saw her heart open up to a world of possibility that she thought was still out of her reach.

Where the mind goes the body follows. See clearly what "will be" in your mind and live it like it is NOW !

I love where my body has gone the past few years . . but more so . . .I love the mental maturity I have gained I have made huge progress there!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

soooOOOOooo close!

So , the BIG news . .

ug . . not so big anymore . . . I had an email from Jen Hendershott and one of her staff and we almost had a march date for her to bring her PHAT Camp to Prince George!!!

But Jen is so busy, family events this year, her new fitness retreats, and her new fitness studio, and requests for more cities in the states . .there is only one Jen to go around LOL!

So it is a wait and see how the year goes, don't give up hope, mayyybeeeeee . . .

It would be THE coolest thing ever to have her here in my city!!!

We'll just have to see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week In Review

Highlights at the gym this week . . .

I did one legged squats on the smith machine. I crossed my ankle over my knee and got a good glute stretch as I did my squats too. REALLY felt that in every area of my butt; high and low! Definitely doing more of those next week . .well this week . .since today is Sunday :P

I also completed several reps of wide grip lat pulldowns with 95lbs . . very excited to try out the 105lbs and see how many reps I get! That is coming up tomorrow :)

Weight wise . . well . . I made it to the 133's much closer to the 130 that I did not want to go over. So my goal this week is to hit 130, and I will not weigh myself until Saturday.

Long term goal for this month is to be a good poo away from 125 :P

In the food category . . .

my usual breakfast of eggwhites and lean turkey pepperoni finally reached the point of "not enjoy" anymore . . it was gonna make me gag one morning. So now I am eating eggwhites, spinach and dill topped with cottage cheese YUM!

That got me craving greek food. So with my wonderful discovery that Costco now carries a good greek yogurt, I have made tzatziki and greek salad - oh, that reminds me I found goat cheese feta at Walmart ! SCORE! - I have all kinds of chicken prepped . . I am good to go for the week!

In the life category . . .

aside from the news blurb that is to be continued that I posted on Thursday most of the action happened on Friday.

It started with some really sad news from my 7 year old daughter. Her bestfriend since kindergarten had been diagnosed with, fought , and we thought won against a major brain tumor for most of kindergarten and grade one. We thought he was out of the woods . . but his cancer is back. Very very sad, hits close to home and he is such a sweet boy and his family is wonderful. So my daughter put on her green "TEAM JAMESON" bracelet Friday for school . . . gets me choked up just typing about it.

Their little elementary school of aprox. 300 students raised over $13,000 last year to help support the family with their expenses and travels costs !! It was phenomenal!

*sigh* That aside the day did get a lot better My client had an excellent weigh in and BF% test today despite the fact she had fought the flu for a few days since her last test. She is well on the mend now, but I was worried about muscle loss and PHEW! none! Fat lost, muscle preserved!! We had a kick butt leg training session.

While I was helping her do cable kick backs this random guy . . who obviously knows who I am I guess . . . pops over to blurt out " this girls demands no less than 50 reps a set!" LOL! I took it as a compliment.

Then as I was doing walking lunges with my client a local Rep/Consultant for Body Wise Nutritional Supplements is walking by and she asks me if I have a sponsor yet?! They are promoting sports nutrition on the newly re-done website
( ) and want to feature more women. So I have an appointment next week to speak to a company rep on the phone to get more info. I have no idea what they are looking for, what to expect, what they are offering, etc . . . so we'll see . . . VERY COOL to be approached tho!!

Oh and I also won 2000 Petro Points at the gas station ! YAY me! LOL! I convert them into sears points and use them to get discounts or even free Clinique face care products !

So, let's see what news this next week will bring . . .

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Like It, I Love It . . .

I want some more of it !

Well I have FINALLY discovered greek yogurt!! Not for a lack of lookin', I just couldn't find it at any grocery stores. Well, now Coscto *heart* carries a 0% fat greek yogurt !

If I am going to eat it all on its own it is pretty tart and I add a weeee bit of splenda.

But this afternoon I thought " HEY! that would go good on chicken! "

I didn't have any cucumber to make tzatziki with but I threw in some club house greek spices, dried dill weed, crushed garlic, and forgot the lemon juice LOL! . . didn't matter it was gooOOOoood!

I had a side of chopped spinach and cottage cheese with dill . . kinda reminded me of spanikopita * heart *

That will be my next meal of the day as well!

My chicken is pretty plain because that is what I had prepped in the fridge - boiled chicken. But NOW I wanna go thaw me out some MORE chicken, cover THAT in greek spices and make . . oh . .what are those greek meat skewer thingys called again? . . drawing a total blank . . SOUVLAKI . . thank you Google!

Mmmmmm Souvlaki and tzatziki! oh now I am craving diced tomatoes, tangy olives, red onion, cucumber, and goat cheese, mm maybe even some avocado . . Dang! Now I gotta go grocery shopping my fridge is pretty empty and that just won't do!


I have VERY exciting news!!! I received an email from Jen Hendershott yesterday regarding 2011 PHAT Camp and I am in a whirlwind of excitement about it!!!

As soon as things are confirmed I will fill ya'll in!

Until then keep your eye on

for the new 2011PHAT Camp Tour Dates and CITIES! ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Neighbor!!

Meet Rico!!

Hi, my name RrrrrrrICO! We be friends!

This past week we have had new neighbors move in and they seem like great people!! Very happy about that . . let's just say the last neighbors were not so nice . . .
They have 3 young boys and our kids get along great, including our furry babies LOL! I was delighted to see they had a YORKIE!! He is adorable and I love him like my own! He is so CUTE and I LOOOVE his tail!! He is so friendly and happy and gets along great with my dogs.

Hi! . .sniff. . what's . . sniff . .your . . sniff .. name? . . sniff
The dogs are constantly back and forth between the yards
(the fence is all but falling apart . .to be replaced next spring $$$)
Rico even comes in our house and runs around and chills out with my dogs, they share food, steal toys from each others yard etc. It is so hilarious!
Rico has a little bell on his collar. Yesterday we were eating dinner and my dogs were on the couch and we here *jingle jingle jingle* both my dogs perk right up and want to go outside and play. Then Rico appears at the sliding patio door , peeks in the window, perks up his ears as if to say " HI! can Tucker and Wally come out to play?"
Rico chillin' on my couch.
Look at those huge furry ears LOL!

Seriously! He could fly with those things . .so cute!

He looks like a cartoon, or bobble head, or stuffed toy. He makes me chuckle.

I feel like we have adopted a 3rd dog. He is quite the little character and my dogs also love the neighbor boys too. They get all excited when they get home form school and they run out to the back yard to meet them.
I think it is so wonderful :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

That's Right 1000

So a few weeks ago . . one of the last and few times I actually made it to the gym this summer I wanted to try something the gals over at the Muscle and Fitness hers Forums had been talking about 1000 Body Weight squats!! that is 10 sets of 100 reps.


Yeah, don't let the no added weight thing fool ya. It is ALOT harder than it sounds . . . oh, you did think it sounded hard ?? :P

I wanted to quit after my first 100, lol Then I told myself to get to 500 and gives myself something to work up to. Then I told myself you better finish this darn thing cuz you ain't gonna wanna do it again!!!

Long grueling story short. I did it. Felt like wet noodles walking out of the gym . . and then I had the worst ouchy legs for 4 days and could still feel soreness 7 DAYS LATER!!!

So, what do I want to try today?

1000 Lunges LOL!!

BUT, I am wanting to do alternating lunges, so really I am only doing 10 sets of 50 per leg to add up to 1000 total . . . so I am thinkin' it may be easier ????

I'll let ya know how that goes LOL!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Man Prop.

I did another photo shoot with a local photographer Cristoberly Bustamante - Progressive Edge Photography on Sunday.

I have wanted to do a "Trash the Dress" shoot for awhile now. I had some definite ideas in my head I wanted to do. I chose the locations and dreamed up my images I wanted to capture and the photographer did more than awesome in making my dreams a reality!!! I had to drag my hubby along to be my "man prop" LOL!! He won't admit it, but by the end he was havin' fun.

I had a BLAST!!! I fought off hoards of red ants, the photographer got bitten when one climbed up into his pants! . .ooops! . . Actually I can't believe I got only one tiny little bite. I was walking around the swarms of ants BAREFOOT!! I had LOADS of them all up in my crinolin. Even the NEXT DAY after swimming in the river and letting my clothes sit in a big wet heap overnight, then hanging my crinolin for a day in the bathroom I was folding it up to take back to the bridal shop I rented it from and there was another red ant in there STILL ALIVE!!!!

Climbing a tree in a wedding dress with loads of crinolin and tulle and organza in the way . . challenging and oh so funny!

I live in Central British Columbia Canada so the water here is now just a weeeee bit chilly!!!

But I braved the cold waters cuz I really wanted to do the water shot. All along the guys are like " that is gonna be so cold" . . . "are you sure?!!" . . . " that is gonna be so cold!"

The dress actually helped keep me warm like a wet suit. OMG it weighed a TON when I got out of the water!!!

The water shots are my absolute FAVE!!!

I didn't actually "trash" my dress. I got pretty dirty when I climbed up the tree. It had been raining and the ground was kinda muddy and the tree was dirty. BUT by the time I took a few dunks in the river it was pretty much rinsed clean LOL!

I took it home and hung it in my shower and rinsed it with some hot water and VOILA! All clean! My daughter may want to wear it one day, I will get it professionally cleaned etc. if she so decides.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot . . .

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wrap It Up

Let's wrap up the catch up ! I can't seem to go forward until that is done.

June 12th Northern Classic . . . .

My awesome friend Deidre.
She is my first figure girl client!

I GOT FIRST PLACE!!! And my first figure girl client and best friend Deidre placed SECOND!! How incredibly cooooool is that?!!?! This was D's first figure show!!
AND . . her baby was just turning one year old !

The hotel we stayed at had a big container of individually wrapped fudgeos at the check in desk. I grabbed a couple packages cuz I knew I was gonna want those later. Fudgeos dipped in Kahlua OMG sooo GOOD!!

MMmmmmmm !
We went to Boston Pizza for our celebration dinner. WE took our trophies with us OH YA!! I had a huge berry smoothie and chugged probably 2L of water!! LOL! The waitress brought us a jug after we did 2 refills in quick succession.
I ordered southwest potato skins and natchos. I could only eat 2 potato skins and basically only ate the natchos that had the cheese on them.
The waitress was a bit concerned for us and asked if we were gonna need a barf bucket for the end of our table LOL! Both our husbands had to tell us to slow down, be careful !

Rum and coke ! The taste of victory!

Ok, that was a short and sweet re-cap :P Now D and I are both qualified for the Provincial Championships. We had the option to go this summer or next summer. We both want to take a year and really hit the gym hard and bring our best!! We are very excited we get to train for provincials together !
Next July . . . a whole YEAR until our next comp !!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fast Forward

I need to hurry up and get all caught up with the updates so I can post new stuff LOL!

So I was preparing for my 3rd competition in June. I had never done a photo shoot before a competition before. Either I did not know who to ask, or did not have the money, or I just didn't feel ready.

This time I got an opportunity I could just not pass up!! A wonderful photographer, an unbeatable price, and a great friend to shoot with me !

Cristobery Bustamante - Progressive Edge Photography.

I had an awesome time. I even got to do some lingerie pics for the hubby !! Always wanted to do that.

You can see most of the gym pics I did in the slide show to your right.*

*None of those photos have had ANY photoshopping or special lighting. They were taken under fluorescent lights at the gym. They are just the raw images before any real touch ups.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where's The Cake ?!

Back in May I was traveling to Edmonton once again, for a friends surprise 10 yr anniversary party.I was the cake maker, and party decorator :) very fun.
The kids were also having a party of their own so I made a special cake for them as well.

These 2 cakes were some of the best reactions to my cakes so far. People didn't know they were cakes!! LOL!

When my all cake - no ice cream - ice cream cake showed up at the kids party the host wanted to put it in the freezer !

The "ice cream" was vanilla cake with rainbow bits in the batter.
The "bowl" was chocolate cake with Oreo cream filling
Even the cherry on top was made of marshmallow fondant

Now, the Anniversary cake. This couple has been drooling over my cakes on my facebook for quite some time and always made comments like " I want to create a special even the next time you come to Edmonton just so I can have one of your cakes " So this was going to be a great surprise to give them!

Once again no one could tell it was a cake, even when they were standing right beside it!! When the couple showed up they were elated to know I had made them a cake! I told them they could eat their cake if they could find it, they looked ALL OVER and then stood right beside it all distressed they couldn't find their cake LOL!

Hershey's Best Chocolate Cake with Kahlua Fudge filling

The whole thing is cake and fondant. The flowers on top are fresh flowers, and there is a saucer supporting the top layer of the urn, other than that entire urn and the handles are edible.

The best part of the evening is chatting with the couple and they ask

" So, why are you here"

I am kinda confused by the question

" I mean what brings you to Edmonton? (it is a 7 hour drive) You must have happened to be here for some reason?"

I reply " I came to bring you a cake! YOU are the reason I am here!"

They couldn't believe I would drive 7 hours just for them, LOL! They thought I must have had some other business in Edmonton or been visiting family.

They were confused tho because I was just down for PHAT Camp 3 weeks before. Then I drove down for their party, then my Brother In Law was getting married in another 3 weeks, meaning ANOTHER trip, and then July long weekend I had to drive down again with an Elderly deaf friend to accompany her to a convention. ALOT of trips to Edmonton this Spring/Summer!!