Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Man Prop.

I did another photo shoot with a local photographer Cristoberly Bustamante - Progressive Edge Photography on Sunday.

I have wanted to do a "Trash the Dress" shoot for awhile now. I had some definite ideas in my head I wanted to do. I chose the locations and dreamed up my images I wanted to capture and the photographer did more than awesome in making my dreams a reality!!! I had to drag my hubby along to be my "man prop" LOL!! He won't admit it, but by the end he was havin' fun.

I had a BLAST!!! I fought off hoards of red ants, the photographer got bitten when one climbed up into his pants! . .ooops! . . Actually I can't believe I got only one tiny little bite. I was walking around the swarms of ants BAREFOOT!! I had LOADS of them all up in my crinolin. Even the NEXT DAY after swimming in the river and letting my clothes sit in a big wet heap overnight, then hanging my crinolin for a day in the bathroom I was folding it up to take back to the bridal shop I rented it from and there was another red ant in there STILL ALIVE!!!!

Climbing a tree in a wedding dress with loads of crinolin and tulle and organza in the way . . challenging and oh so funny!

I live in Central British Columbia Canada so the water here is now just a weeeee bit chilly!!!

But I braved the cold waters cuz I really wanted to do the water shot. All along the guys are like " that is gonna be so cold" . . . "are you sure?!!" . . . " that is gonna be so cold!"

The dress actually helped keep me warm like a wet suit. OMG it weighed a TON when I got out of the water!!!

The water shots are my absolute FAVE!!!

I didn't actually "trash" my dress. I got pretty dirty when I climbed up the tree. It had been raining and the ground was kinda muddy and the tree was dirty. BUT by the time I took a few dunks in the river it was pretty much rinsed clean LOL!

I took it home and hung it in my shower and rinsed it with some hot water and VOILA! All clean! My daughter may want to wear it one day, I will get it professionally cleaned etc. if she so decides.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot . . .


  1. These are so beautiful! It looks like a magazine. You should try getting them published :)

  2. I absolutely love them too, a credit to the photographer! What would they be published in tho ?