Friday, September 10, 2010

That's Right 1000

So a few weeks ago . . one of the last and few times I actually made it to the gym this summer I wanted to try something the gals over at the Muscle and Fitness hers Forums had been talking about 1000 Body Weight squats!! that is 10 sets of 100 reps.


Yeah, don't let the no added weight thing fool ya. It is ALOT harder than it sounds . . . oh, you did think it sounded hard ?? :P

I wanted to quit after my first 100, lol Then I told myself to get to 500 and gives myself something to work up to. Then I told myself you better finish this darn thing cuz you ain't gonna wanna do it again!!!

Long grueling story short. I did it. Felt like wet noodles walking out of the gym . . and then I had the worst ouchy legs for 4 days and could still feel soreness 7 DAYS LATER!!!

So, what do I want to try today?

1000 Lunges LOL!!

BUT, I am wanting to do alternating lunges, so really I am only doing 10 sets of 50 per leg to add up to 1000 total . . . so I am thinkin' it may be easier ????

I'll let ya know how that goes LOL!

1 comment:

  1. UGH stupid TOM!! SO crampy and nasty intestinal wrenching,! After 300 lunges I was either gonna puke or crap myslef LOL! So, I will try again another day . . when . . ugh who knows, that was brutal!!