Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do WHAT ?! Huh?!!

I am 8 days out from the BCABBA Provincial Championships!

I hit 115.1 this morning!! The goal was to be at 116 by this coming Monday . .well guess I beat that !! Muahahahaaa. Thing is, Jason at Natty Nutrition - My Nutrition coach doesn't want me to lose any more weight. He said that if i get below 115 he will have to "do" something about that . . I interpret that as FEED MEE!!

But, also due to my rapid loss here, I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY MORE HIIT!!!
I also get to "pull back on the cardio" less 20 min each day now!!  BONUS!!

I have NEVER had to DECREASE cardio before a show before!!

Suit is not done yet . . grrroan . . .
But I got the dragon fly on the bum finally now I have to add pretty sparkly flowers and details and border with black hematite to make my black lycra sparkle :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Postal Posting

Well the last tome I posted I was talking about the postal service and eagerly awaiting packages... Oh how I wish for those days of "normal" wait times!!

The Canada Post strike (tho I have been told is now over) has slowed the shipment of my supplements!!

I was supposed to be taking Estracort 3 weeks ago ... Still don't have it :(
My Scivation Showtime probably won't be here in time either. But I was just at my local GNC today and they said they should have some next week! Hopefully !!!

So the Nicole Wilkins DVD. LOVED IT! I have tried a few of the workout tips from it already. I would like to try the track workouts too, but I will save that for after competition. My last time at the track resulted in a quad injury. I am pretty much 2 weeks out now and not taking any chances!

Ya, 2 weeks out ! The finish line is in sight!! Unless of course I get to make an encore appearance in Saskatoon the following weekend for Nationals!!

My prep is going very well. I have NEVER been in this condition !! Crazy new lines and definition like never before, I am very happy. The best ME yet... So we'll just have to see what the judges think ;)

I will have to post some progress pics for y'all

But if you can't wait you can always pop into my journal at Muscle and Fitness Hers :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, April 29, 2011

Going Postal!

I am going crazy with anticipation!  I have several packages that I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of!!

Experience the entire preparation routine that 2009 Figure Olympia champion Nicole Wilkins goes through as she readies to defend the most prestigious title in the world. Follow along as she takes you step-by step through workouts for every muscle group, two high intensity track workouts and reveals her diet secrets for a lean, strong and sculpted physique. Bonus behind-the-scenes view of the Olympia and posing instruction from one of the sport's best. This entertaining and informative DVD is a must-have not only for competitors, but also for those looking to get in the best shape of their lives!
You can buy it here

I ordered one and I can't WAIT for it to get here!! gonna watch it while I do my cardio in the morning!

I also ordered my crystals to decorate my posing suit! I sold last years suit for $250 and so far I have spent $150 on gems. I splurged a little and got some specialty shapes ; teardrops and butterflies, and plenty of the regular crystals as well !  I am very excited to get started on that and show you guys!

In the meantime I have a couple other competitors suit to work on.

The Weigh It Goes

Well, flu season has been rough on me! I figure it is because deep inside my body is still recovering from surgery, thus making me succeptable to all the bugs going around.

I had the flu again last week. My temp got up to 104.4!! I went to see the Doc and it turned out I had Strep Throat as well. Got some antibiotics for that.

Today my son is home sick. I did get my morning cardio in before breakfast all 50 minutes of it. So, plan B . . have to hit the gym tonight for Chest and Arms and 22min HIIT

How did I do with my diet while I was sick ??  Well, I actually did not eat ANYTHING not on my plan while I was sick!! I threw up my chicken and broccoli, so after that most of my meals were shakes, for about a day and a half. Then for another two days I fought off my gag reflex and ate my food.  Oh and eating grapefruit with strep throat  . . not fun . . that takes some kick @ss dedication right there if I do say so ! LOL!

My weight went all the way down to 125lbs!!

After a couple days and fully recovered I went up to 127. My weight previously had been 129. FINALLY got under that stubborn 130!

This past week my weight has fluctuated between 126.4 and 127.4

I am 11 weeks out now!! The BIG countdown is on!!

At 2 weeks out last year I was hovering around 127lbs! So . . . ummm . . . I guess I am gonna look a whole lot better this year huh! LOL!

Very excited about all that is to come!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cake Updates!

Well, lets get rid of the pictures . . moves onto something else!! I have new progress pics . . but not really in the mood to post . . you can go to M&F Hers and look at my journal overthere if you are that curious ha ha ha !

I never did blog about the week of red velvet. It was the week before Valentines and I had 3 cake orders in quick succession. But my red velvet seems to be very popular!! Alll the most recent cakes I have done have all been red velvet.

50th B-Day party ,
the womans nickname at work is "hollywood"
they were doing a Hollywood theme party.
This was a very fun concept to do

The second cake was a death by Cupid / Tim Burton/ mad hatter inspired
valentines cake. My brother sent me a bunch of pictures
with concepts he was looking for and this is what I came up with

This was a surprise cake for an 8 year old birthday girl.
Very fun cake to do, and boy was she blown away!!

That cake led to another B-Day cake order . . .

That lucky girl got TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS !!
That was a death by chocolate cake.

My most recent project. Once again Red Velvet.
Formal 10 year anniversarryparty, individual cakes,
and a mini 4 inch 2 tier cake for the couple

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Numbers on the Scale . . .

How often do those numbers ruin your day?!

How often do you judge your progress  by those digits on the crazy contraption?!

Well, the proof is in the pictures . . not that I am super dooper proud of my physique YET in the pics they do teach a valuable lesson so I will suck it up, bow my head, eat some low calorie carb free humble pie, and share them.

Those pictures are only 1 week apart. I weigh MORE in the picture on the right, YET I am tighter . . . I felt skinnier all week. then my Trainer asks for update pics because all week my weight kept going UP! (well, poo and who knows what else) it was not fat.

Intriguing , no? So many gals would be freaking out if they were eating 100% on par with trainers orders, no cheats, doing all their cardio , all there workouts , effort to the max, and you GAINED weight?!

ALSO . . what if you were training for WEEEEKS and the scale wasn't budging ??? hmm . . what then???  I started Feb 1st post surgery 6-7 weeks weighing in at 132.8lbs. Today I weigh . . .. drumroll . . . 132.8  I have had my weight go up and down and up and down . . now resting at the same weight  I started at ?!

The pics . . .

STOP the SCALE INSANITY!  Easier said than done, I realize . . . but hopefully these pics resonate with you just a little bit and you stop and think the next time you rely only on the number the scale says . . .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whirlwind and Dieting

Well . . technically I am not reeeally dieting, I am supposed to be building muscle while putting on little to no fat. But, today I feel like I am dieting. Wholly Moley! I was doing the blank stare and pacing in the kitchen looking at the clock and the list of acceptable choices on my meal plan . .

I did resort to actually WEIGHING out a 1/4 pkg portion of fat free/ sugar free jello chocolate pudding powder and mixed that with 2 scoops of my Body Wise Chocolate protein powder ( elance frappe - soooo a girly sounding protein . . I think they are working on that lol! ) I added in 1 tbsp of chunky (OMG chunky!)all natural peanut butter. That hit the spot! Nuthin' like chewing a protein shake LOL!

I have been getting smaller . . I feel smaller. I am constantly looking for signs. Like my medium workout pants are no having loose material and the crotch creeps down and I have to keep pulling my pants up :)

I actually weigh 1lb MORE than when I started on Feb 3rd. BUT if that is muscle I am a HAPPY GIRL! Jason at Natty Nutrition seems to be confident this is muscle gain and is happy. I do have to send him new pics this weekend and he wants a side by side comparison of my first pics to now.

. . GULP! . . always makes me nervous . . excited and nervous . . .

Work has been crrrazzzy for me lately. If I am not covered in sugar from making cakes then I am covered in sweat training clients, doing my own training.

I do have a bunch of research, and client plans to work on before Monday. So I need to find a bit more time to plant my butt at the computer.

For the most part I have been VERY thankful for the extra work. I am doing what I LOVE, and the distraction makes sticking to a diet easier (as long as you are PREPARED!! and PLAN AHEAD! - very key)

But today was one of those days no matter how busy I was,  I obsessed about food just a little . .

I have talked about these days before . . it is like hitting a wall just gotta get to the other side . . .

Woah! reading that blog entry took me back. Talking about my "cycle" that just really struck me. I am not EVER going to have a period EVER again . . I forget that sometimes. It was a really cool moment when it hit me and I went thru my undie drawer and got rid of all my ugly period panties!! THAT was awesome!!

I try not to think of the things that are gone and worry too much about what may come with menopause, and having it 20 years sooner than I should . .

I have been having incredible moments of realization that this surgery was the right choice. So many things that i took for granted that hurt. I notice more now cuz I DOESN'T HURT!! So many things seem so new to me because , it doesn't hurt. I have had several moments that instead of crying tears of pain and frustration I am crying tears of joy as I experience something for the first time WITH NO PAIN . . ohhhh THAT is what that feels like with no pain!!

wow! and I was actually struggling with what to blog about ha ha!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over and Over in my Head . .

This is what I will be repeating over and over in my head this year . . .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feelin' Bad A$$ !

I trained a client at the local PRISON today ...

... Ya...

No, my client is not an inmate, LOL!
she just works at the local prison and has free 24 hour access to the staff gym.

We had her prison guard boyfriend with us. But really, we were never near any inmates. The gym has it's own outside entrance.

Doesn't that just sound so bad ass tho ?!!

LOL! I've been watching too much lockdown on National Geographic!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up . . .

I hate it when I get so far behind in blogging that I don't even know where to begin.

I also am not really a fan of epic length posts with wayyy too much information and really long stories.

Well, let's get caught up and try to keep it short and sweet :)

So, when I last posted I was all excited about heading to the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic. What I didn't tell you is that I was expecting to go in for surgery at any moment. I was just waiting for the call.

Long story short, after 15 years of near constant pain that had gotten worse and interfering more and more with my life and daily activities,  my malfunctioning woman bits had to come out  - ALL of it - ovaries and uterus, cervix. It was a decision I had been avoiding for years . . but I finally made peace with it. I have two very beautiful, healthy, wonderful children. A boy and a girl. I am blessed.

After a longer wait than I expected and then a change in surgery to a later date I finally went in on Dec 16th.

Well, my body has some crazy genetic phenomenon that has been discovered over the years. My chiropractor discovered a calcification around the nerve and blood vessel in my neck at the base of my skull called a pons posticus, only something like 10-15% of the population has it.

My Chiropractor also discovered a deformed vertebrae in my lumbar spine called facet tropism.

Then when I had dye injected and my kidneys x-rayed it was discovered that I have an extra tube on my right Kidney.

WELL, during my surgery it was discovered that a large vein in the abdominal area ,that is supposed to be much deeper in the pelvic cavity , in my body is near the surface. This was discovered when the surgeon severed it as he was at the end of my opening incision.

Let me repeat, there is NOT supposed to be a vein there. The surgeon was not careless. Woman have c-sections and hysterectomy all the time, there is not supposed to be a vein there.

Well, I am bleeding profusely. I lost a Liter of blood in just about 2 minutes. They had to call in another surgeon to help stop the bleed and do a repair. The severed vein had retracted up into my abdominal muscle and they had to separate my muscle tissue layer to retrieve it, clamp it and then repair the vein and then sew my muscle tissue back together.

As a result a 3 day hospital stay turned into almost 6. I had to convince them to let me go home on the 6th day, with the promise I would stay in bed. They were wanting me to be more independant before they released me. i was not able to walk more than 5-10 feet with assistance and supervision. My hemoglobin had gotten dangerously low, I was very weak and at major risk of collapsing or fainting.

Well, after 3 weeks at home my hemoglobin had recovered from 5.8 to 11.5 by now it should be back up to 13. It will take longer for my iron levels to recover, I still feel fatigued.

But this Thursday I am coming up on week six of recovery.

I GREATLY underestimated how difficult this surgery would be. This had been my 7th time under anaesthetic. I was thinking "how difficult can this be?!  I have been thru surgery before. I am young, healthy, active, I will recovery faster than most. "

Well, I am still sore internally, not too bad externally. I can move almost pain free, sneezing and coughing are bearable now, but still very scary and unpleasant. I can bend over to tie my shoes!! THAT was a major obstacle to going back to the gym LOL!

Even tho I should be able to go back to the gym this week for light activity ( not sure I know what constitutes "light activity" )  I am scared. Scared I will push to hard and hurt myself. Scared that I look fat, and that for a sponsored competitor I should be representing better!

But I am back to work Monday training clients, so that is getting me back into the gym whether I am "fat" or not! LOL!  Hoping this lights a fire in me again, and I just stop whining about feeling fat and just DO something about it!!

So, I kept that as short as I could and hopefully not too "boo hoo poor me"  - which is why I hesitated and procrastinated posting this here in the first place.

Let's get back to training, and life, and adventure! After I am all done healing and I have the wonderful prospect of feeling healthy and pain free this could be a GREAT year !!