Friday, April 29, 2011

The Weigh It Goes

Well, flu season has been rough on me! I figure it is because deep inside my body is still recovering from surgery, thus making me succeptable to all the bugs going around.

I had the flu again last week. My temp got up to 104.4!! I went to see the Doc and it turned out I had Strep Throat as well. Got some antibiotics for that.

Today my son is home sick. I did get my morning cardio in before breakfast all 50 minutes of it. So, plan B . . have to hit the gym tonight for Chest and Arms and 22min HIIT

How did I do with my diet while I was sick ??  Well, I actually did not eat ANYTHING not on my plan while I was sick!! I threw up my chicken and broccoli, so after that most of my meals were shakes, for about a day and a half. Then for another two days I fought off my gag reflex and ate my food.  Oh and eating grapefruit with strep throat  . . not fun . . that takes some kick @ss dedication right there if I do say so ! LOL!

My weight went all the way down to 125lbs!!

After a couple days and fully recovered I went up to 127. My weight previously had been 129. FINALLY got under that stubborn 130!

This past week my weight has fluctuated between 126.4 and 127.4

I am 11 weeks out now!! The BIG countdown is on!!

At 2 weeks out last year I was hovering around 127lbs! So . . . ummm . . . I guess I am gonna look a whole lot better this year huh! LOL!

Very excited about all that is to come!

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