Friday, April 29, 2011

Going Postal!

I am going crazy with anticipation!  I have several packages that I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of!!

Experience the entire preparation routine that 2009 Figure Olympia champion Nicole Wilkins goes through as she readies to defend the most prestigious title in the world. Follow along as she takes you step-by step through workouts for every muscle group, two high intensity track workouts and reveals her diet secrets for a lean, strong and sculpted physique. Bonus behind-the-scenes view of the Olympia and posing instruction from one of the sport's best. This entertaining and informative DVD is a must-have not only for competitors, but also for those looking to get in the best shape of their lives!
You can buy it here

I ordered one and I can't WAIT for it to get here!! gonna watch it while I do my cardio in the morning!

I also ordered my crystals to decorate my posing suit! I sold last years suit for $250 and so far I have spent $150 on gems. I splurged a little and got some specialty shapes ; teardrops and butterflies, and plenty of the regular crystals as well !  I am very excited to get started on that and show you guys!

In the meantime I have a couple other competitors suit to work on.

The Weigh It Goes

Well, flu season has been rough on me! I figure it is because deep inside my body is still recovering from surgery, thus making me succeptable to all the bugs going around.

I had the flu again last week. My temp got up to 104.4!! I went to see the Doc and it turned out I had Strep Throat as well. Got some antibiotics for that.

Today my son is home sick. I did get my morning cardio in before breakfast all 50 minutes of it. So, plan B . . have to hit the gym tonight for Chest and Arms and 22min HIIT

How did I do with my diet while I was sick ??  Well, I actually did not eat ANYTHING not on my plan while I was sick!! I threw up my chicken and broccoli, so after that most of my meals were shakes, for about a day and a half. Then for another two days I fought off my gag reflex and ate my food.  Oh and eating grapefruit with strep throat  . . not fun . . that takes some kick @ss dedication right there if I do say so ! LOL!

My weight went all the way down to 125lbs!!

After a couple days and fully recovered I went up to 127. My weight previously had been 129. FINALLY got under that stubborn 130!

This past week my weight has fluctuated between 126.4 and 127.4

I am 11 weeks out now!! The BIG countdown is on!!

At 2 weeks out last year I was hovering around 127lbs! So . . . ummm . . . I guess I am gonna look a whole lot better this year huh! LOL!

Very excited about all that is to come!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cake Updates!

Well, lets get rid of the pictures . . moves onto something else!! I have new progress pics . . but not really in the mood to post . . you can go to M&F Hers and look at my journal overthere if you are that curious ha ha ha !

I never did blog about the week of red velvet. It was the week before Valentines and I had 3 cake orders in quick succession. But my red velvet seems to be very popular!! Alll the most recent cakes I have done have all been red velvet.

50th B-Day party ,
the womans nickname at work is "hollywood"
they were doing a Hollywood theme party.
This was a very fun concept to do

The second cake was a death by Cupid / Tim Burton/ mad hatter inspired
valentines cake. My brother sent me a bunch of pictures
with concepts he was looking for and this is what I came up with

This was a surprise cake for an 8 year old birthday girl.
Very fun cake to do, and boy was she blown away!!

That cake led to another B-Day cake order . . .

That lucky girl got TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS !!
That was a death by chocolate cake.

My most recent project. Once again Red Velvet.
Formal 10 year anniversarryparty, individual cakes,
and a mini 4 inch 2 tier cake for the couple