Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do WHAT ?! Huh?!!

I am 8 days out from the BCABBA Provincial Championships!

I hit 115.1 this morning!! The goal was to be at 116 by this coming Monday . .well guess I beat that !! Muahahahaaa. Thing is, Jason at Natty Nutrition - My Nutrition coach doesn't want me to lose any more weight. He said that if i get below 115 he will have to "do" something about that . . I interpret that as FEED MEE!!

But, also due to my rapid loss here, I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY MORE HIIT!!!
I also get to "pull back on the cardio" less 20 min each day now!!  BONUS!!

I have NEVER had to DECREASE cardio before a show before!!

Suit is not done yet . . grrroan . . .
But I got the dragon fly on the bum finally now I have to add pretty sparkly flowers and details and border with black hematite to make my black lycra sparkle :)