Thursday, April 22, 2010

T -60 minutes

PHAT Camp here I come!!

Wohoooo! all packed

. . don't leave for an hour. . .

. . . . now what,

practice pop squats ?

LOL wish I was all tech-na-ma-logically advanced enuf to blog/journal while I am away . . maybe the hotel will have internet in the lobby

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yeah, Real Cool . . .

My Ipod shuffle died at the gym today, but I kept it in my ears so I wouldn't be bothered. :P I had one of the regular guys ask me if I was done with the squat rack, except he didn't talk, he just mouthed the words LOL! I guess people are gettin' used to me blaring my music in my ears and being all focused and not chit chatty :)

What was not very cool was hitting my head on the olympic bar that was racked on the cage beside me as I was trying to unload my 45lb plates from my deadlift bar. Totally clanged the bar with my head LOL! Then I get this sickening trickle feeling going down the side of my head. I bee-line for the change room to examine my head. All good, musta been sweat LOL!

Tony was very happy with my progress pics I sent him. we are switching up my diet and I am EXCITED!! We are so in sync cuz he is doin' exactly what I was thinkin' ! How cool is that?!

PHAT Camp this weekend WOOP! WOOP!
We will be leaving Thurs and spending the night at my mother-in-laws, where I will be delivering a bridal shower cake.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rockin' Out!!

Man I am so pumped today !

I feel great and I am totally rockin' out in my head!!

This lyric keeps scrrrrrreaming in my head, I am surprised my brain doesn't have whiplash LOL!


Absolutely gonna put some more metallica on my Ipod Shuffle!!

oohh yea ha !


*insert freaky crazy ass air guitar*


ok, maybe I should lay off the coffee

Friday, April 16, 2010

PR's !!

I have hit many Personal Records this week!!
INCLUDING how freakin' sore I am GAW!

My stiff leg deadlifts got to 155lbs!

I squatted 195 lbs!

I did narrow grip cable rows with 110lbs!

. . and now I can barely lift my own body :P

I think I also hit a new PR in peeing LOL!
I was peeing like crazzzzy yesterday 3 times during ONE workout alone!

I am visualizing all this turning into a new PR in stage performance ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why is that??

So , the other night right after I finished my downward dog post and told my hubby I blogged about it, and he is like " NO! you didn't!!" and I laughed my a$$ off. I proceeded to spill half of my giant mug of peppermint tea ALL OVER my key board and then my lap. Thank God it wasn't really hot.

I was surprised to see that my keyboard was still working, and decided it would be funny to post this as my FB status :

" Oh Crap! Just spilled a mug of tea all over my keyboard! GAH! . . oh . .wait . .I guess it still works . . yay!"

But then yesterday I realise that none of the top keys are working!! I have no emotions!! I can't do this : !! or this: :) or :( or :P or :D or especially this: @#$%$^&%&*%&$^& !!! but I could do this ???

so for a few hour I would just type in exclamations and it was kinda funny.



then I couldn't backspace anymore, or use the Enter button, and then the number pad on the side started to malfunction, it started with the #2 so I couldn't log into my hotmail anymore, GASP! yes! my hotmail password contains the number 2 LOL!

So all day I am reading blogs, and FB status' and I can't COMMENT!

and then what do I really feel like doing??!! . . BLOGGING! I am constantly thinking of all this crazy funny stuff, but I can't type it out.

Hubby finally brings a spare keyboard home form work, and I CAN TYPE AGAIN!!

. . and I can't think of anything to say.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

No , YOU Google it !

LMAO!! I just gotta share.

First of all the background.

My shins are freakin' killing me! Dang shin splints!! Hammers hitting my shins, have ya'll ever missed with your hammer and hit your shins?! I have - it hurts! Just like my shin splints. I actually missed with my hammer last year and fractured a small bone in the back of my hand. But, in my defense it was a very tight space and I was trying to hit a chisel. Anyway, off topic . . yes, my shin splints = OUCH! and FRUSTRATION over not being able to run. Must Remedy.

After posing practice yesterday a friend reminded me to stretch my calves. She suggested the downward dog. Oh! Yes! Great relaxing wonderful idea !!

So, I m watching TV with the hubby, just chillaxin', kids are in bed. Oh Yeah, let's stretch the calves, Downward dog!

I assume the position in front of my hubby but slightly off to the side of the TV.

What do ya'll think happened next . . Yup, hubby is there in 2 seconds flat to "help" LOL! He just can't help himself. It is kinda a running joke between us anytime I bend over he always seems to show up just to give a friendly bump of his groin on my a$$. LOL!
He says " looks good, what are ya doin' ?!?? "

I said stretching my calves. It is called the downward dog.

He LAUGHS, "are you SERIOUS!??! You are not serious?!"

" I am serious, go Google it"

" No , you Google it! I am not gonna Google it I don't wanna be responsible for what comes up"
Well, make sure you put "Yoga" in there cuz ya never know LOL!
But this is what I got to show him:

Hmmm .. . maybe it was one of those "you gotta be there" things. But, his reaction, laughter and disbelief was hilarious!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Mirror Day

Well, I am 9 weeks out right now. I went back in my journal to try and see how I was doing at this point last year in my com prep.

This time last year I was puking my guts out with the flu! Then a week later I had my hand in a cast for almost 2 weeks ! I was further ahead stats wise, but then had set backs.
So I guess no use in comparing these 2 years cuz the circumstances are soooo different at this point. We'll see how the comparisons go a little later on.
I was feeling pretty tight tummy and trim this morning, didn't step on the scale. Figured today would be a listen to the mirror day.

So I guess anything is possible with this comp prep. There is still definitely a chance I can improve on last year. There is still time, and there is definitely enuf willpower! Heck, I haven't even got my PHAT camp boost yet!! LOL!
2 weeks!!
then I will still have 7 kick ass weeks after PHAT Camp!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Following Directions

Ahhh yesss. . . directions. We hire trainers to tell us what to do. At some point we all don't follow directions.

I have been doing EVERYTHING exactly as Tony was telling me. But I was super zealous and he said I was doing too much cardio. ARG! Stop doing so much CARDIO?!! that is a hard thing to listen to, it would have been easier for him to say no more oatmeal in the morning seriously!

And my period started on the Sunday I was going to weigh in. Tony and I talked and he said don't get on the scale 'til 2 or 3 days AFTER your cycle is FINISHED . I stepped on the scale yesterday my weight said 136.7 . .looked like I had basically lost nothing in the last 2 weeks . . .

I posted in my journal at M&F Hers :

"In the last 2 weeks I have only lost 0.7lbs . . so basically nothing . . cuz that is just a minor body fluctuation. I have yet to take my jeans progress pics, they may fit a bit better, cuz weight is not everything all the time. I am stressed about being stressed and not losing weight and then sitting around not exercising has me stressed that I am not doing anything to fix my problem, but that is the problem I am stressed and need to take a break from being stressed. .. it is not only stress it is emotional anguish I guess.. I have been having a lot of dreams, and flash backs to that last day in the hospital . . and then the body in the funeral home. . so far beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life . Many emotional stages to go thru and the family feud and unsettled estate and bills piling up is not helping at all. "

I stepped on the scale today, which if I had listened to Tony I would have avoided it until now . . 134.5 !! The scale DID move!! yay! So I have lost 8lbs in the past 4 weeks! Things WILL work if you follow directions. We pay them to think for us, I must remember that.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Really Want It !

Saw a GREAT QUOTE on a magnet today. I am too cheap broke buy it so I just wrote it down on my hand so I could post it all over the house when I got home. :P

" If it wasn't for the obstacles,
we'd never know if we really wanted something
or just thought we did "
~ Unknown
So, I a eating more chick chick chicken and brrrrawwkoli.
Weighing in tomorrow . . . weee bit nervous . . and a tad bit excited . . . :)