Monday, April 19, 2010

Yeah, Real Cool . . .

My Ipod shuffle died at the gym today, but I kept it in my ears so I wouldn't be bothered. :P I had one of the regular guys ask me if I was done with the squat rack, except he didn't talk, he just mouthed the words LOL! I guess people are gettin' used to me blaring my music in my ears and being all focused and not chit chatty :)

What was not very cool was hitting my head on the olympic bar that was racked on the cage beside me as I was trying to unload my 45lb plates from my deadlift bar. Totally clanged the bar with my head LOL! Then I get this sickening trickle feeling going down the side of my head. I bee-line for the change room to examine my head. All good, musta been sweat LOL!

Tony was very happy with my progress pics I sent him. we are switching up my diet and I am EXCITED!! We are so in sync cuz he is doin' exactly what I was thinkin' ! How cool is that?!

PHAT Camp this weekend WOOP! WOOP!
We will be leaving Thurs and spending the night at my mother-in-laws, where I will be delivering a bridal shower cake.

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