Sunday, April 11, 2010

No , YOU Google it !

LMAO!! I just gotta share.

First of all the background.

My shins are freakin' killing me! Dang shin splints!! Hammers hitting my shins, have ya'll ever missed with your hammer and hit your shins?! I have - it hurts! Just like my shin splints. I actually missed with my hammer last year and fractured a small bone in the back of my hand. But, in my defense it was a very tight space and I was trying to hit a chisel. Anyway, off topic . . yes, my shin splints = OUCH! and FRUSTRATION over not being able to run. Must Remedy.

After posing practice yesterday a friend reminded me to stretch my calves. She suggested the downward dog. Oh! Yes! Great relaxing wonderful idea !!

So, I m watching TV with the hubby, just chillaxin', kids are in bed. Oh Yeah, let's stretch the calves, Downward dog!

I assume the position in front of my hubby but slightly off to the side of the TV.

What do ya'll think happened next . . Yup, hubby is there in 2 seconds flat to "help" LOL! He just can't help himself. It is kinda a running joke between us anytime I bend over he always seems to show up just to give a friendly bump of his groin on my a$$. LOL!
He says " looks good, what are ya doin' ?!?? "

I said stretching my calves. It is called the downward dog.

He LAUGHS, "are you SERIOUS!??! You are not serious?!"

" I am serious, go Google it"

" No , you Google it! I am not gonna Google it I don't wanna be responsible for what comes up"
Well, make sure you put "Yoga" in there cuz ya never know LOL!
But this is what I got to show him:

Hmmm .. . maybe it was one of those "you gotta be there" things. But, his reaction, laughter and disbelief was hilarious!


  1. LOL! That was good! Hubby does that to me too ;) Either that or he makes fart noises when i bend over! MEN!!! LMAO!!!

  2. All men are the same! lol!