Monday, April 5, 2010

Following Directions

Ahhh yesss. . . directions. We hire trainers to tell us what to do. At some point we all don't follow directions.

I have been doing EVERYTHING exactly as Tony was telling me. But I was super zealous and he said I was doing too much cardio. ARG! Stop doing so much CARDIO?!! that is a hard thing to listen to, it would have been easier for him to say no more oatmeal in the morning seriously!

And my period started on the Sunday I was going to weigh in. Tony and I talked and he said don't get on the scale 'til 2 or 3 days AFTER your cycle is FINISHED . I stepped on the scale yesterday my weight said 136.7 . .looked like I had basically lost nothing in the last 2 weeks . . .

I posted in my journal at M&F Hers :

"In the last 2 weeks I have only lost 0.7lbs . . so basically nothing . . cuz that is just a minor body fluctuation. I have yet to take my jeans progress pics, they may fit a bit better, cuz weight is not everything all the time. I am stressed about being stressed and not losing weight and then sitting around not exercising has me stressed that I am not doing anything to fix my problem, but that is the problem I am stressed and need to take a break from being stressed. .. it is not only stress it is emotional anguish I guess.. I have been having a lot of dreams, and flash backs to that last day in the hospital . . and then the body in the funeral home. . so far beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life . Many emotional stages to go thru and the family feud and unsettled estate and bills piling up is not helping at all. "

I stepped on the scale today, which if I had listened to Tony I would have avoided it until now . . 134.5 !! The scale DID move!! yay! So I have lost 8lbs in the past 4 weeks! Things WILL work if you follow directions. We pay them to think for us, I must remember that.


  1. whoa girl! you need to relax! OMG I could feel your tension!
    I hope things get settled, SOON!
    I pledged that for the entire month of April I was NOT getting on the scale! It can ruin my day!
    Hang in there! And congrats on the 8lbs!

  2. I'm so guilty of not following directions sometimes and wondering why i'm not seeing results. If I do things by the book the lbs melt off...go figure.

    Congrats on the loss!