Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Mirror Day

Well, I am 9 weeks out right now. I went back in my journal to try and see how I was doing at this point last year in my com prep.

This time last year I was puking my guts out with the flu! Then a week later I had my hand in a cast for almost 2 weeks ! I was further ahead stats wise, but then had set backs.
So I guess no use in comparing these 2 years cuz the circumstances are soooo different at this point. We'll see how the comparisons go a little later on.
I was feeling pretty tight tummy and trim this morning, didn't step on the scale. Figured today would be a listen to the mirror day.

So I guess anything is possible with this comp prep. There is still definitely a chance I can improve on last year. There is still time, and there is definitely enuf willpower! Heck, I haven't even got my PHAT camp boost yet!! LOL!
2 weeks!!
then I will still have 7 kick ass weeks after PHAT Camp!!

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