Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why is that??

So , the other night right after I finished my downward dog post and told my hubby I blogged about it, and he is like " NO! you didn't!!" and I laughed my a$$ off. I proceeded to spill half of my giant mug of peppermint tea ALL OVER my key board and then my lap. Thank God it wasn't really hot.

I was surprised to see that my keyboard was still working, and decided it would be funny to post this as my FB status :

" Oh Crap! Just spilled a mug of tea all over my keyboard! GAH! . . oh . .wait . .I guess it still works . . yay!"

But then yesterday I realise that none of the top keys are working!! I have no emotions!! I can't do this : !! or this: :) or :( or :P or :D or especially this: @#$%$^&%&*%&$^& !!! but I could do this ???

so for a few hour I would just type in exclamations and it was kinda funny.



then I couldn't backspace anymore, or use the Enter button, and then the number pad on the side started to malfunction, it started with the #2 so I couldn't log into my hotmail anymore, GASP! yes! my hotmail password contains the number 2 LOL!

So all day I am reading blogs, and FB status' and I can't COMMENT!

and then what do I really feel like doing??!! . . BLOGGING! I am constantly thinking of all this crazy funny stuff, but I can't type it out.

Hubby finally brings a spare keyboard home form work, and I CAN TYPE AGAIN!!

. . and I can't think of anything to say.


  1. ROFL!! FUNNY!!!
    That happens to me at night. I think of all this stuff I want to talk about then, comes time to blog and I"m like a deer in headlights...lol