Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Numbers on the Scale . . .

How often do those numbers ruin your day?!

How often do you judge your progress  by those digits on the crazy contraption?!

Well, the proof is in the pictures . . not that I am super dooper proud of my physique YET in the pics they do teach a valuable lesson so I will suck it up, bow my head, eat some low calorie carb free humble pie, and share them.

Those pictures are only 1 week apart. I weigh MORE in the picture on the right, YET I am tighter . . . I felt skinnier all week. then my Trainer asks for update pics because all week my weight kept going UP! (well, poo and who knows what else) it was not fat.

Intriguing , no? So many gals would be freaking out if they were eating 100% on par with trainers orders, no cheats, doing all their cardio , all there workouts , effort to the max, and you GAINED weight?!

ALSO . . what if you were training for WEEEEKS and the scale wasn't budging ??? hmm . . what then???  I started Feb 1st post surgery 6-7 weeks weighing in at 132.8lbs. Today I weigh . . .. drumroll . . . 132.8  I have had my weight go up and down and up and down . . now resting at the same weight  I started at ?!

The pics . . .

STOP the SCALE INSANITY!  Easier said than done, I realize . . . but hopefully these pics resonate with you just a little bit and you stop and think the next time you rely only on the number the scale says . . .