Friday, August 20, 2010

Wrap It Up

Let's wrap up the catch up ! I can't seem to go forward until that is done.

June 12th Northern Classic . . . .

My awesome friend Deidre.
She is my first figure girl client!

I GOT FIRST PLACE!!! And my first figure girl client and best friend Deidre placed SECOND!! How incredibly cooooool is that?!!?! This was D's first figure show!!
AND . . her baby was just turning one year old !

The hotel we stayed at had a big container of individually wrapped fudgeos at the check in desk. I grabbed a couple packages cuz I knew I was gonna want those later. Fudgeos dipped in Kahlua OMG sooo GOOD!!

MMmmmmmm !
We went to Boston Pizza for our celebration dinner. WE took our trophies with us OH YA!! I had a huge berry smoothie and chugged probably 2L of water!! LOL! The waitress brought us a jug after we did 2 refills in quick succession.
I ordered southwest potato skins and natchos. I could only eat 2 potato skins and basically only ate the natchos that had the cheese on them.
The waitress was a bit concerned for us and asked if we were gonna need a barf bucket for the end of our table LOL! Both our husbands had to tell us to slow down, be careful !

Rum and coke ! The taste of victory!

Ok, that was a short and sweet re-cap :P Now D and I are both qualified for the Provincial Championships. We had the option to go this summer or next summer. We both want to take a year and really hit the gym hard and bring our best!! We are very excited we get to train for provincials together !
Next July . . . a whole YEAR until our next comp !!

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