Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fast Forward

I need to hurry up and get all caught up with the updates so I can post new stuff LOL!

So I was preparing for my 3rd competition in June. I had never done a photo shoot before a competition before. Either I did not know who to ask, or did not have the money, or I just didn't feel ready.

This time I got an opportunity I could just not pass up!! A wonderful photographer, an unbeatable price, and a great friend to shoot with me !

Cristobery Bustamante - Progressive Edge Photography.

I had an awesome time. I even got to do some lingerie pics for the hubby !! Always wanted to do that.

You can see most of the gym pics I did in the slide show to your right.*

*None of those photos have had ANY photoshopping or special lighting. They were taken under fluorescent lights at the gym. They are just the raw images before any real touch ups.

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