Monday, November 29, 2010


This years Sandra Wickham Fall Classic was huge!! HUGE I tell ya!! Almost 150 competitors , making it the largest show in BC history. The audience set records too, the evening show had 1,103 attend, THE biggest crowd at ANY Canadian show, nationally or provincially!

The girls did great for their first competition. The competition was TIGHT! Wow! the caliber of athletes was IMPRESSIVE! definitely gonna make me work hard and focus for Provincials this summer!!

Jodi looking Fab during pre-judging

Mel, giving a little sass during her photo shoot

Jodi Placed 7th and Mel placed 6th.  It was their first figure show and nerves got them a bit, and their posing was a little off . . could have been more relaxed at times, or more tight at times.  But they really looked beautiful and they did great, I am so proud of them!! They used it as a great learning experience and will use that for their next show. Both want to work on their lats, they need to work on V-Taper :)

Two great super classy girls, so glad to call them teammates!!


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