Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week In Review

Highlights at the gym this week . . .

I did one legged squats on the smith machine. I crossed my ankle over my knee and got a good glute stretch as I did my squats too. REALLY felt that in every area of my butt; high and low! Definitely doing more of those next week . .well this week . .since today is Sunday :P

I also completed several reps of wide grip lat pulldowns with 95lbs . . very excited to try out the 105lbs and see how many reps I get! That is coming up tomorrow :)

Weight wise . . well . . I made it to the 133's much closer to the 130 that I did not want to go over. So my goal this week is to hit 130, and I will not weigh myself until Saturday.

Long term goal for this month is to be a good poo away from 125 :P

In the food category . . .

my usual breakfast of eggwhites and lean turkey pepperoni finally reached the point of "not enjoy" anymore . . it was gonna make me gag one morning. So now I am eating eggwhites, spinach and dill topped with cottage cheese YUM!

That got me craving greek food. So with my wonderful discovery that Costco now carries a good greek yogurt, I have made tzatziki and greek salad - oh, that reminds me I found goat cheese feta at Walmart ! SCORE! - I have all kinds of chicken prepped . . I am good to go for the week!

In the life category . . .

aside from the news blurb that is to be continued that I posted on Thursday most of the action happened on Friday.

It started with some really sad news from my 7 year old daughter. Her bestfriend since kindergarten had been diagnosed with, fought , and we thought won against a major brain tumor for most of kindergarten and grade one. We thought he was out of the woods . . but his cancer is back. Very very sad, hits close to home and he is such a sweet boy and his family is wonderful. So my daughter put on her green "TEAM JAMESON" bracelet Friday for school . . . gets me choked up just typing about it.

Their little elementary school of aprox. 300 students raised over $13,000 last year to help support the family with their expenses and travels costs !! It was phenomenal!

*sigh* That aside the day did get a lot better My client had an excellent weigh in and BF% test today despite the fact she had fought the flu for a few days since her last test. She is well on the mend now, but I was worried about muscle loss and PHEW! none! Fat lost, muscle preserved!! We had a kick butt leg training session.

While I was helping her do cable kick backs this random guy . . who obviously knows who I am I guess . . . pops over to blurt out " this girls demands no less than 50 reps a set!" LOL! I took it as a compliment.

Then as I was doing walking lunges with my client a local Rep/Consultant for Body Wise Nutritional Supplements is walking by and she asks me if I have a sponsor yet?! They are promoting sports nutrition on the newly re-done website
( ) and want to feature more women. So I have an appointment next week to speak to a company rep on the phone to get more info. I have no idea what they are looking for, what to expect, what they are offering, etc . . . so we'll see . . . VERY COOL to be approached tho!!

Oh and I also won 2000 Petro Points at the gas station ! YAY me! LOL! I convert them into sears points and use them to get discounts or even free Clinique face care products !

So, let's see what news this next week will bring . . .

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