Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Like It, I Love It . . .

I want some more of it !

Well I have FINALLY discovered greek yogurt!! Not for a lack of lookin', I just couldn't find it at any grocery stores. Well, now Coscto *heart* carries a 0% fat greek yogurt !

If I am going to eat it all on its own it is pretty tart and I add a weeee bit of splenda.

But this afternoon I thought " HEY! that would go good on chicken! "

I didn't have any cucumber to make tzatziki with but I threw in some club house greek spices, dried dill weed, crushed garlic, and forgot the lemon juice LOL! . . didn't matter it was gooOOOoood!

I had a side of chopped spinach and cottage cheese with dill . . kinda reminded me of spanikopita * heart *

That will be my next meal of the day as well!

My chicken is pretty plain because that is what I had prepped in the fridge - boiled chicken. But NOW I wanna go thaw me out some MORE chicken, cover THAT in greek spices and make . . oh . .what are those greek meat skewer thingys called again? . . drawing a total blank . . SOUVLAKI . . thank you Google!

Mmmmmm Souvlaki and tzatziki! oh now I am craving diced tomatoes, tangy olives, red onion, cucumber, and goat cheese, mm maybe even some avocado . . Dang! Now I gotta go grocery shopping my fridge is pretty empty and that just won't do!

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