Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shoulder Day

Shoulder day is MY FAVE! I saw this video of Pauline Nordin doing 1 arm shoulder presses with a 50lb DB!! She was spotting herself setting the weight up with her free arm and then doing the negative.


I don't know where I saw that . . if anyone finds it let me know please.

So I made my own video today. I am using a 35lb DB not nearly as bada$$ as Ms. Fighter Diet and on my second try with the left side I had a pretty shaky start, but got it under control.

My hubby did the video for me :)

This is only my second time doing these. I tried them last week for the first time and I only got ONE set of 4 reps and I was DONE!

Today I got 5 reps on my first set and then did TWO more sets of four after that!! Fueled by Body Wise??? I am feeling pretty darn awesome today . . and my recovery after my workout was great mentally anyway. My muscles feel toasted but 10 minutes after I was done I wanted to go to the gym and kick A$$ at something else! LOL!

Oh, speaking of really cool stuff, my gym is launching TRX Suspension training classes this week. LOVE IT! . . .mostly cuz I didn't face plant! LOL! . . . Seriously I have been wanting to buy those things and give it a try for - EVER ! it will be a class that costs extra, not included in the membership . that kinda sux . .but maybe I can afford to go once a week or every 2 weeks maybe. REALLY love it sooo MUCH!

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