Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Lotta Noise

The dogs are getting along great ! Wally is definitely not shy or timid, he is a little instigator and likes wrestling with Tucker. Which is exactly what we wanted :)

Tucker was a little stunned at first and almost looked like he was scared to hurt Wally. He would just stand there and look at him ,and then look at us as if to say: " honestly?! what am I supposed to do with the little guy ?"

Now Tucker will wrestle, but he is barley touching him. Wally is still fairly wobbly on his feet and is easy to knock over. Tucker will just use one paw and push him down, or use the side of his head to push him around. Wally HATES it when Tucker gets all excited and does a "run by" Tucker will run by and before Wally knows it Tucker has wapped him and he is flat on his back, he scrambles back to his feet just in time for Tucker to run back the other way and wap him again knocking him off his feet.

It is HILARIOUS to see this tiny little fluffy wuffy puppy get mad! He bares his teeth and has this tiny little growl, sounds like a kitten purrr LOL!

Wally will stand his ground and Tucker is so gentle and meek that he will back off if he isn't too excited. I took a video of them playing around and at one point Wally got so mad and he put the run on Tucker. They makes alot of noise but that is all it is a lot of noise lol!

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