Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Food! and Fish Cakes

My younger brother lives here, and last weekend went home to visit the family and Mom sent him back here with a TRUCK LOAD of groceries for me. TONS of home grown veggies and produce, and fish fillets, and jams, and home canned goods, soups, frozen meatballss, all kinds of stuff! Seriously if I had to buy all that stuff it probably woulda been $ 300-400 !!

She sent a huge bag of white fish fillets, I think they are halibut. A good lean source of protein . . . BUT . . not the yummiest thing . . I prefer tilapia less smelly and fishy tasting and more flaky . . But, I am not gonna waste free food.

So I had to come up with a tolerable way to eat this fish . . I tried poaching it, bah! who am I kidding I just boiled the crap out of it in a big pot of water! LOL! Tried eating it with some light italian dressing just like I would have eaten my tilapia . . EWWwww! I was gaging it was awful, so chewy and fishy . . blech! BUT FREE! . . must eat!

So then I tried making fish cakes, this was my first attempt:

I took the poached boiled and tortured fish weighed out 3oz,
put it in my minni food chopper/processor I
put 1 egg white and a whole ton of Mrs.Dash, garlic and herb and table shake,
and blended it till it was smooth and creamy like thick batter.
I heated up a small skillet and brushed it with a few drops of oil and dumped the batter in.
I made one huge fish cake cuz I was gonna eat the whole thing anyway.
It would probably make 4 smaller cuter fish cakes if ya feel like bein' all Martha Stewart.
I turned out all pretty and golden brown and kinda fluffy. Much easier to chew. I spread dijon mustard on it . . not bad . . not my favorite . . but not bad

My second attempt was much tastier and picture worthy. :)

Veggie Fish Cakes

Blend in mini food chopper till, really mushy, like consistency of hummus :
3oz fish
1 egg white
couple dashes of poultry seasoning
bunch of Mrs. Dash grilled chicken blend

dump that in a bowl and add
grated carrot
chopped steamed broccoli

heat up a non stick pan and brush with a couple drops of oil

I made these all pretty and smaller for the picture, Press firmly into 4 patties and then press flat in the pan , I sprinkled them lightly with pepper and some salty blend stuff

I am sure most of you are more gourmet than me and can add your own spices and veggie mix, adapt the recipe to your taste.

The best part I BARELY TASTED FISH!! they were easy to chew, pleasant to swallow! Good enough for me.

Oh, and they were FREE!

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  1. I LOVE fish! I use macadamia nut oil to fry it and it's so good :) If i'm not prepping for a show I take the italian good seasons dressing mixed and coat with that and it gets crunchy YUM!