Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ducks in a Row

Just having a goal is not enough. You (when I say "you" I mean me , but if you'd like to listen in go ahead LOL) need to have an action plan as to how you will achieve this goal. There must be organization and follow thru.

I am not completely lost, but I feel I need more structure. My life is busy and if things are not cemented in a organized plan and even written out, they may not get done, OR I don't get as much satisfaction from visually checking them off my cluttered list. So, even tho I may be accomplishing what I set out to do, unless I can see it crossed off a list, I will not feel like it was actually done and it remains on my mental to do list, thus decreasing my sense of accomplishment.

So, I must make a workout schedule, plan using the calendar, write down the days I will workout, and what I will be doing.

Food can not be left to chance or last minute decisions of "what am I a gonna eat?" Plan it, Pre-Cook it, Cook in bulk.

So, I must clean out my fridge, so that it is organized, and has room for my pre cooked food, and also frees up some plastic containers for my new food LOL! And , plan a healthy shopping list of things I will need.

I am much more productive with a list, a plan and a schedule .

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