Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ooops ! It has been awhile!

Been crazy busy. My best friend is gettin' married in 8 DAYS!

We had her bachelorette party 2 weeks ago! Wicked awesome time!! we rented a King Size Suite at the Coast Inn of the North, and rented a limo for 2 hours. we did a pub crawl and along the way we did a "that guy" (y know, mullet guy, big side burns guy, too old to be there guy, really buff guy, big belt buckle guy etc) photo scavenger hunt it was a Hooot! We stopped at the fire hall and got to flirt with the fire fighters and hug the pole LOL! Went to a couple clubs and had wayyy tooo much fun!

Last weekend I planned her bridal shower, it was an 80's theme since the bride and groom were born in the 80's ! I dressed my son up in a style reminiscent of Richard Simmons, so hilarious I gotta upload a picture!

As for the gym and fitnessy stuff . .

I've been hittin' the weights pretty hard, have made a new friend who is as competitive and ridiculously in love with weights and muscle as I am. Her brother would like to compete in the April show I wanna do.

We have also been doin' lots of bootcamp style workouts. Pretty much every muscle group in my body is recovering from DOMS. :)

Food has been 70-80% clean. Lots of protein and more carbs than I am used to, but I am telling myself that this is a necessary evil in order to bulk up and really add the muscle I need. But I wanted to widen my back not my BACKSIDE erg! LOL!

But, I may just have to start my official contest prep in a bit stricter mode than usual. Lotsa tilapia and asparagus! :P What a way to start the new year. I WISH they would post the 2010 competition schedule already!! Cuz then I can number my calendar and mark the weeks and register for the comp like a zillions weeks early so I will actually gain some willpower and stick to something!

anyhoo . . . I'll try to work on gettin' ya'll some pics when I get a moment cuz I really need to clean up my house it is embarrassing!

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  1. Waiting for more pictures of your bestfriend's bachelorette party .I like the theme you prepared for the party. I was born in the 80's too .Maybe I could make my party just like that (with little twist)