Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Cake - Part 1

My Best friend Sarah got married last week, and I had the honour of making her wedding cake, and being in the wedding party.

When she asked me to make her cake I wanted to give her the cake of her dreams and wanted very specific details from her. But I kept getting :

whatever you do I'm sure will be amazing"

I wasn't comfortable with that so I asked for pictures, concepts etc. She gave me 2 pictures and said

" if these 2 cakes had a baby, that would be my wedding cake"


So I did my best and she loved it! Phew!

However, due to complicated circumstances she was not able to have a reception but only a small dinner for 20 people, which doesn't require a lot of cake. So I made the top 3 layers of her cake with styrofoam rounds and the botom layer was big enough to feed her guests so that she could have the size and grandeur of the cake she wanted without wasting excess cake.


We are planning a surprise reception for her and 150 people in a couple weeks and I need to recreate this cake! Thank goodness I can save the top 3 phony layers, (which I so graciously offered to take home and look after while she went on her honeymoon LOL! ) so I just have to bake 2 more larger tiers to go on the bottom. Yay!

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