Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pretty Pretty bling!

I looove blingin' out suits! Playing with sparkly crystals all day and playing an entire season of Greys Anatomy what a great day!! Plus, having the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini butt in front of me keeps me motivated LOL!

I have been buying new suits and decorating them to sell online, as well as doing my own suits, and now friends are asking me to do their suits. My friend Jess is competing Nov 14th and she wanted to add more bling to her suit. After her last show the judges told her that her suit was too plain, and light, and didn't really stand out. So I had to work around the existing swirly scroll pattern and decided I added a paisley design. Just so happens she loves paisley!

I added 1500 crystals to her 2 piece suit, not plain anymore! She loooved it, she tried it on right away and couldn't stop touchin' it and smiling. Gotta love satisfied customers. 1500 crystals and I charged her $160 a pretty darn good deal too!

Here are some comparison shots (the resolution and focus is kinda crappy cuz they were taken' with her phone or copied from Facebook . . . I forgot to bring my camera to take a pic d'oh!)


  1. Pretty suit! A a great body in the suit as well :)

    I skipped down a few posts and read that article you posted from bb.com. Are you still doing that 5 day rotation plan? It seems kinda interesting.

  2. Yes, I am doin a lean eating week right now. I am struggling a bit lately cuz my kids have been sick and that throws off your workout schedule, so I need to focus on getting my cardio in.

    I havn't been able to focus on the plann 100% to give any feedback just yet. I will post about it again when I have an update. :)

  3. Oh your good at that! Love it! and she looks amazing in it :)

  4. I just had to say love your work on the suit! I also love the wedding cake you made, your really talented!