Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oooh Bee-hayve !

Oh! This is soooo great!

My husbands BOSS, wants to hire me to be his personal trainer! (oh, I can barely type cuz I am vibrating and shrieking with excitement!!) He actually said he wants me to kick his a$$ in the gym!! Ooooh you don't even KNOW what you just said!

Seriously it will give my hubby so much joy to see his boss with legs so stiff and sore he is gonna be walking around the shop like he sh!t his pants, let alone how much he is gonna regret having to sit down and then stand up off the toilet to do just that ! MUhahahHAhahaaaa!

One of the things that drives my hubby nuts (besides the condescending disrespectful arrogance)is when his boss overloads him with work, interrupts him in the middle of an urgent order or project to do some other menial task, (cuz the boss doesn't understand the intricate store operations and computer tasks ) and my hubby tries to explain he doesn't have time (and they are not allowed to put in over time right now) and the boss replies " Buddy, ya gotta make time!"

Oh you know what I am gonna say dontcha ?!! - in the MOST encouraging and professional non-condescending way possible of course ;)

Seriously tho, this is gonna be awesome, I'm really looking forward to this! Just gotta keep tellin' myself be professional be professional don't kill him just be professional . .. . . . .

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