Sunday, November 22, 2009

YOWZA! Time Flies !

OMGawsh! only 20 weeks until I compete in the Western Canadians! 20 weeks was my deadline for quitting my off-season carelessness. I am making a point of doin' more cardio, and cutting back on the cheats.

No hard core dieting or cardio yet, just gearin' up for the real action. I know my body needs more time than 12 weeks, so I am gonna slowly taper my body down and be at a great head start when 12 weeks hits then GAME ON!

I am determined to bring a tighter package to the stage every time and so far I have done that, and I am gonna give this my all and once again have a new personal best!

I am SOOoooo excited!

I love structure!

1 comment:

  1. Nothing is better than beating yourself everytime you hit the stage! I love seeing the progress in myself show after and year after year! Great plan, BTW...I'm starting at 20 weeks as well! I agree 12 weeks is torture if you aren't ready for it!