Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Healthy Lifestyle Stuff"

Well, about the diet plan I was gonna follow from the article . . .

It doesn't work for me, not progress wise, but mental wise. I am not good at flip flopping around. I like steady, predictable, consistent. Switching my diet every 5 days, and having the whole rotational process and cardio, then no cardio, etc is all too much. My life is too busy to put that much thought into my workouts.

I will continue to do what I know and what works for me. Sorry I couldn't give a better update.

Training my husbands boss has been FANTASTIC!! He is the perfect client, he does exactly what I tell him too. I check his food journal and he is doin' awesome! The proof is in his results as well. We were both very pleased with the first weeks weigh in and BF test. :)
He works very hard during his work outs and doesn't wimp out on me, he may make weird painful noises but he keeps goin' LOL! gotta respect that!

Random tidbits from Trey:
(my 7 year old son)

The kids and I were getting the car to pick my hubby up from work, I had packed food to eat; chicken breast , asparagus, and a small dab of soft goat cheese melted over it.
Trey gets in the car and says:

" what is that smell?! . . . ohhh, you're eating your healthy lifestyle stuff again"

And random stuff from me:

I really should wear my glasses when I am on the computer. A few weeks ago when Stacey was bloggin' about Poms in "Pom-tastic" I thought she was bloggin' about porn in Porn-tastic LOL! Thought maybe she had a new workout video to show us LOL!

And then I see the title "the past week" on another blog and I thought it said the peak week and I was all like what!!?!! she competed already?!?! but not yet LOL! I didn't miss it .

maybe I should wear my glasses, or maybe not, keeps things interesting, but for the sake of keepin' things accurate* I probably should :P

*and by accurate I don't mean less typos or improved grammar on my part.

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