Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Words of Wisdom

My son, who is turning 7 next month, is such a chatterbox, he talks NON-STOP, he is never without something to say. I am not exagerating in the least. He is alwayyyyys talking!

Sometimes it can be pretty entertaining cuz he says the most random things. I really shoulda kept a blog of his random tid bits of wisdom and insight which usually come from the back seat of the car and start with " Hey, Mom, you know what would be cool? . . . "

Yesterday I was in the kitchen, he walks in and says:

" Hey Mom, wouldn't it be cool if everyone on earth could fly, but they would still eat cereal, but I wouldn't lay eggs, but laying eggs is better than having a baby in your belly"

Previous to this no one was talking about birds, we had not been talking about cereal or babies he just randomly comes up with these thoughts and strings them all together in a sentence.

. . . priceless!

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