Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Fittin' Jeans . . . Eventually

Well, my off-season goal of fitting in my cute jeans needs better approach. Cuz, apparently eatin' whatever I feel like is not workin' LOL!
6 1/2 weeks after competing and I can't even do up the jeans I was rockin' more than 6 weeks before competing.

Ugh! I am wondering if I should really start my blog with such a crappy image . . .

So now I have decided to try a ketogenic diet, something I have NEVER done before. To be honest, I find it scary. BUT, I seen other figure competitors and bodybuilders have amazing results. So I am going to see how my body reacts.

My sister is getting married on Aug 29. When I started that gave me 6 weeks to get in those jeans. Not that I am wearing the jeans to the wedding :P I just know that when I fit those jeans I look good and feel good about they way I look. :)

I am almost done my first week and the scale in goin' down . . . I have NOT tried on the jeans, I will refrain from daily torture.

I am doing 4 weight workouts a week, with intense cardio intervals between sets (skipping, pop-squats, up-and overs, step ups, burpees etc ) keeping my heart rate up and incorporating my cardio the entire time I am at the gym. (40-50 min)

I have decided to start my re-feed on Saturday. So before I do my re-feed I will try on the jeans and do a weight update. Then I want to do another jean fitting and weigh in on Monday to compare results before and after re-feed.

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