Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trying to Stay Sane . . .


This week can NOT be over with fast enough and it is only WEDNESDAY! This is a brief rundown of my manic situation . . . I'll just give you the highlights.

Tuesday morning starts with an early morning phone call my father-in-law is in the hospital.

Screw any plans of getting anywhere with the car cuz Hubby needs it and that obviously takes priority.

My computer is infected with a virus . . fighting that.

I am expecting more in-laws to come visit this long weekend. 6 people in fact. I have a bed for 2 of them. The boys will have to tent in the back yard, and my kids will sleep on the floor . . . we'll make it work . . .

BUT . . because of the hospitalization 2 more family members drove to town in a panic and they are staying at my house as well.

AND my son is sick with "slapcheek" or " 5th disease" whatever you wanna call it, and his rash gets WAYYYY worse when he is in the sun. So despite the fact that we have been having a record heat wave for the past week and a half, my kids are stuck inside and driving me MAD!

And today my little chihuahua yorkie - Tucker was choking (on what i don't know )and fell over, recovered but then was still in distress so I had to call my husband home from work so he could rush us to the vet. Tucker is on prednisone to reduce the swelling in his throat and is on a soft food diet for a few days. He is still making gulping moves while sticking his head wayyy forward like he is tryig to swallow something. The vet thinks he swallowed whatever it was and now his throat is just irritated. Hopefully he improves in the next day or so or they may have to do further exploring. So whatever he swallwed is now in his little tummy and we have no idea what it is and what it will do to him, so he is under close observation . . .

My sister is getting married in a few weeks and I have topiaries and trellis' and favors and tulle ALL OVER my house cuz I am making a crap load of stuff.

I had no clean towels for company so I am frantically doing laundry. I open the dryer to discover the socks and underwear have been fused together, and hard clumps of glue are stuck to the dryer drum cuz a hot glue gun stick SOMEHOW ended up in the dryer . . . . . .

So, nothing "inspirational" will be spewing from my lips for a few days, thanks for "listening" I am just gonna go scream into a pillow now . . . .

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