Friday, July 24, 2009

If The World Could Just Revolve Around Me . . .

I am trying to decide what to do today. Well, not really what to do, but which and how much . . .
My gym schedule got messed up a bit this week. I am working out in the evenings for the summer to try and save money and not use childminding so much. Tuesday it was my turn to go to the gym while hubby watched the kids.


I got suckered invited to a meeting for a marketing scam opportunity. It was only supposed to be 30min long . . . yyyyyeah . . . the first 30 min were spend trying to get the computer presentation sound to work . . . then another 40min later they fianally tell ya what this "company" is all about and inform YOU that YOU could be rich to if you buy in for $500 . . . erg!

I kept looking at my watch and seeing my gym time slipping away . . but I am too polite to walk out of the middle of a presentation and on the friend who invited me. *sigh*

At the end 2hours I ended up crying , cuz of all the pressure AND my pent up anger and frustration of people talking about $500 like woop- deee- dooo it's only $500 ! Well to me that is a small fortune, that I don't have and am not gonna fork over so willingly , not to mention if I ain't convinced this is a good idea I am not gonna go ask for anyone else $500! . . . I was emotionally drained and mad and frustrated when I left I am surprise I didn't go home and faceplant into and oreo cake!

So long story short I missed my workout LOL!

Thurs I can't get to the gym cuz it is hubbys day to use the car and Thurs evenings are busy.

So what I am trying to decide is if I should combine 2 workouts today so I don't have to go to the gym on Sat. Cuz I have OTHER STUFF to do on Sat.

Hubby was told to take half of the day off today YAY! he gets to leave at 12. So we booked childminding and we will go together.

Today is supposed to be legs, and I can't skip a leg workout they neeeeed it. My other workout to be accomplished is shoulders which I am also trying to build and don't want to miss.

So I am thinking I am gonna try to do a HUGE superset, circuit workout . . leg exercise, shoulder exercise, cardio interval . . ('scuse me I think I just threw up a little ) it is gonna be harsh cuz I have a lot to get done in a relatively short ammount of time.

I just hate it when things don't go according to schedule, but who am I kidding?! I don't have a schedule, I have a wish list of things, a tentative plan, of what I would like to get done as long as there are no interruptions, emergencies, lack of clean towels or underwear, delays, sickness, or someone elses more important needs . . LOL?

Bottom line I have to be flexible and find a way to at least get my workouts in - you can always buy more clean underwear from the dollar store LOL! (I can't afford to buy a new body)

So as much as I complain about me having to bust my a$$ this afternoon and combine workouts . . . .

. . . . . . I am probably gonna love it!


  1. I know that anxiety of feeling like you are going to miss your workout :) And yes it's just money...dollar store is just fine :) And you so are making me want to go into my archives of workouts and pull out a superset circuit workout!! Keep writing you are good at this...but don't ever let it make you miss a workout!! I love it :)

  2. I suggest getting new jeans :) You have a great body. I am sure you look awesome in your normal jeans. But I guess we all have goals. I just wish I could get to 130! :)

  3. how'd the workout go?? i'm sure you rocked it and will use it!

  4. Krissa - I have jeans that fit. But I beleive your comfort zone is where you rest, not where you live. I am a goal oriented person , and my goal is to fit in those jeans :)

    GG - The workout as GREAT! LOL! I journaled about it on MF Hers too. I threw in more cardio I did cardio interval - legs - cardio interval - shoulders - cardio interval - legs - cardio . . . . and so on.. :)