Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cake at Midnight

No, I am not wallowing in self pity and eating cake at midnight . . . I am just baking it . LOL!

Enuf of that funk I was in, I am back onto better things.

My bestest (ya I said bestest) friend just got engaged and we are having an engagement party this Wednesday. I am making the cake, YAY! It is also a trial run for the topsy turvy, whimsical, checkerboard cake I wanna make for my sisters wedding. So even tho it is one more thing on my busy plate I am havin' fun with it and glad to be doin' it cuz I have already learned what NOT to do LOL! this will save me time and stress next week. Bonus!

So . . . . . it is midnight and I am waiting for cake to finish baking. Cuz, I got a late start after goin' to the gym after hubby got off work, makin' supper, fumbling with 6 boxes of cake batter, taking a break to play a 4 player family game of Mario Carts on our practically antique Nintendo 64 (but still the best IMO) then put the kids to bed late like wayyyyy past 9 late, then finally finish scooping all the cake batter into the pans and wait for it all to cook . . .

. . . . yeah nothing like falling asleep to the smell of fresh baked cake :P

I am so excited to wake up tomorrow and play with marshmallow fondant and make a purrrdy cake! I'll show ya'll pics when it is done.

Oh, and just in case my run-on sentences annoy you . . . my life is one big run-on sentence and so goes my blog , that probably isn't gonna change. I know my blog grammar sucks , but I just don't care. I am edu-ma-cay-ted, I just choose to be care free here LOL!

I'm gonna go try to shut my brain off and ZZZZZzzzzzz.....

One more thing:

My 7 year old son said today:
"you are actually pretty good at all this wedding stuff"

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  1. I can't wait to see the picts of the cake!