Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Fav's

My two current favorite foods (healthy fitnessy foods) currently are:

Chicken Breast with Almond Butter. YES! ALMOND BUTTER. *love* I 've been eating it alot and I am not sick of it yet.


Protein Pudding. I mix my chocolate protein powder, with some sugar free jello pudding powder add a little bit of water, stir till thick and smooth then, grab a big spoon, and take a 1Tbsp scoop of natural PB and stir that in. YUM! and when I drink a glass of water with that, woah! It fills me up!

Another thing I really like, is feeling soreness in my glute muscles! Like right deep down in the big fat buttcheeks that I am trying to trim down. I just imagine that soreness turning into muscle growth and givin' me a firm round booty. Maybe not how it works scientifically but it works just fine for my positive visualizations :P

HOLY CRAP 8 DAYS 'till my sisters wedding! I gotta go do some stuff . . . . .

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