Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre-Chewed Chicken

No, not the fake pressed chicken. I am talkin' real chicken. You know, the dry azz chicken that we all choke down.

Well, I think I have had a chicken epiphany!

I love my mini food chopper, I paid $10 for it at Walmart, it is actually my second one. My first one died after I was using it to grind raw chicken LOL! And if this one dies after 2 years I will go buy another one for $10 !!

My new found use for this beautiful little machine is actually for grinding up my COOKED chicken. I boil my chicken breast in a pot of water and have 'em in the fridge ready to go at all times. But you get sick and tired of chewin' those suckers, and the chicken in your teeth, and chewing and chewing and wondering what the heck happened to all your saliva hellooooo saliva glands work work work work.

But look at this:

THAT is cooked chicken chopped up so tiny it is finer than rice!! I boil it, then cut it into cubes that fit into the food processor, then chop those suckers up real fine. It takes no effort to chew, and is really moist with steamed broccoli!! It is like, PRE-CHEWED! LOL! I love tossing that in a bowl with some broccoli, some Mrs.Dash and a bit of vinaigrette dressing, YUM! My new favorite food item, and it goes down great. Gonna be eatin' a lot of that the next 11 weeks!


  1. That is such an excellent idea that I'm going to steal it from you! I seriously need to find me a $10 chopper!

  2. Oh I do this but before I chop I put some spicy mustard in there. Then I wrap it in a lettuce leaf YUM!

  3. That is a great idea! I've started brining my chicken breasts for a day or two in a mixture of water and sea salt and herbs before I grill them. They stay SOOOOO juicy!! I eat canned chicken breast sometimes in a pinch and I eat it like April does wrapped up in lettuce.

  4. Hey Jenn! I have been sharing this with every figure girl I know LOL! it is seriously a great thing!!

    mmmm spicy mustard! And I gotta try that lettuce wrap thing! I should do that tomorrow!!