Thursday, March 18, 2010

Basic Update Stuff

I am feelin' top of the world today!!

Got up and did my morning cardio, yay! everyday this week so far! I have to say I am in a definite routine now and won't be missing any. It will be getting brighter and brighter and easier to get up everytime. Tho, I am looking forward to Sunday and getting to stay in bed past 6:40am!!

And sunday will be a weigh in day, getting excited about that!! Seriously feelin' good.

I switched my morning coffee for a mint green tea with a tad bit of splenda and almond milk. YUM! I am enjoying sipping on that so much more than my coffee lately.

I have been eating GREAT! I have some fish and chicken thawing out as I type. I will be doing some bulk cooking today. Loving my veggie fish cakes!! I will be eating a lot of those. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday, so no point in really posting what I eat. Besides my oatmeal and eggs for breakfast it is pretty much chicken and veggies, or fish cakes and veggies, maybe the odd avocado in there. Veggie of choice right now is asparagus.

I will be doing my first ab CRIT workout today, looking forward to the challenge.

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  1. I love ab CRITS! They are my favorite :)