Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cement Shoes

Gaw! I am tired today!!

My legs are dead, my feet feel soooOoooo heavy!

I was awake at 6:40am to do cardio . . delayed in bed too long . . . 7:15 I am finally downstairs to do my cardio . . . I am gonna be late getting the kids ready for school , "that's ok" I rationalize, "I will drive them today" . . . 5min in to my cardio I say ' "F" that stupid stepper I can NOT do this today' !!

I'll figure something else out. I still have a chest workout to do today and I will do some extra carido after that. Just maybe today won't be a DOUBLE cardio day . .

. . . who knows maybe while I watch Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice I can be distracted enuf to do a second session . Ya . That's probably what I will do.

Don't wanna be a quitter !

oh, just decided that if I make it thru my workout and my cardio I am gonna reward myself with a can of spray tan!!

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