Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Have Decided . . . I Think

I was chatting with friends the other day, and looking at FB pictures of last years comp season, and looking at the pics for the up coming comp season. I have a friend prepping for a show in May. Two others, who are a couple , both qualified for provincials in July, so they are prepping together . . . I think that is awesome! . . . could be interesting in their house tho LOL!

I know for sure I am going to PHAT Camp. I just sold a couple one peice suits on Diva Exchange for a heck of a deal $150ea !! But now I have $300 to go to Edmonton with, that should cover my portion of the hotel and gas. I am packing all my own food. So, I may even have some money to get some new workout clothes or something while I am there!! YAY!

My goal for PHAT Camp in 7 weeks is to be rockin' my cute lil' jeans as I call them :P

But, then I got lookin' at the calendar . . and thinkin' . . . and lookin' at pics like I said. The NC is just under 14 weeks away. I thought I had wasted wayyyy too much time. But last year during my comp prep I was sick for 2 weeks, and then I injured my left hand and it was in a cast. I had written off competing and I stuffed my face for a few weeks. Then at 6 weeks out I had recovered and was in the gym again and I tightened up the diet and added more cardio and I whipped my butt in shape enough to hit the stage and have my best package ever.

SOOoooo . . if I commit right now, stay the course, don't waiver I CAN DO THIS! And my hubby knows that I will only do it if I know I can better my performance from last year. He said "don't do it if you are not going to do it better", which is his loving supportive kick in the @ss

I have one good week in already. I lost 3lbs last week!

Usually when I commit I just suck it up and pay my BCABBA competitive membership and my contest entry fee . . . .

The only thing that could derail my plans would be bad news about my hubbys job, which has been delayed for another 2-3 torturous weeks!! But, it looks more and more like he is not going to be the one laid off. But ya never know.

So I have decided 100% in my heart . . . not so much financially.

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  1. OHHH!! That is very exciting stuff!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!