Sunday, March 28, 2010


That is the sound of 5lbs
of PMS water weight
hitting my butt and belly !

So, much for my Sunday weigh in. Tony wants a phone call this week . . wonder how many times he has heard " I was making progress, I am doing everything you said, but I just got my period" GAH! frustrating!!

Oh and I am meeting 4 other figure gals today to do posing practice, Swimsuits? NOOOoooo no no no no nooo , uh yea, we all agreed before hand that this is just a walk thru and we will ALL be wearing tank tops and shorts LOL!

But if this doesn't end up being the first day of my period it sure as heck feels like it. How many times have the other girls heard " am I a little poofy today cuz I have my period" GAW! So sick of saying that!!

I had my period when I was on stage for my last competition, really!

I really need to get my weight under 130!! I want it there by next Sunday come hell or high water . . just not PMS water . .

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