Wednesday, March 10, 2010

and now . . . Let's Do It For Real

So, back in December I was all excited about benching 135. But, that was on the smith machine. te he he he . . did I not mention that ?! . . oh . .

Well, as we all know that definitely does not translate into the free bar. So, I am off to conquer that next. Grrr!

Yesterday I managed 3 sets of 7-10 reps with 85lbs. I didn't have a spotter so I had to be carfeul. This will have to be slow, steady and safe progress.

I was surprised by my control and abiltity, so next week I will take a deep breath and put the 25lb plates on that bar for a total of 95lbs!

I remember a couple years ago when I thought I was the shizzle for benching 95lbs with the smith machine LOL!


  1. My bench never made it past 105lbs lol...definitely not gifted in that area and really saw no reason to try to be :)

  2. HA! Go girl!! I got stuck one time under my bench press bar cause I didn't have a Thank god I was at my gym here at the house and no one seen me!