Monday, March 15, 2010


I have decided I need a trainer. I need a coach. I need HELP! I need a rock to cling to and not let me waiver, a lighthouse in my storm yadda yadda :P

I was freaking out inside, feeling like I don't have enuf time, second guessing every choice I make, even tho I KNOW this stuff, I need an impartial voice of reason OUTSIDE my head. Oh, and accountability I need that too.

I have read so many positive things about Tony at
DreamBodies in Tina's Blog and April's blog (hey notice that I learned how to do links properly?! yay me! ) And Stacey was working with Tony before as well.

I have SIGNED UP TOO! I will be working with Tony for my contest prep! So EXCITED! and he is much more affordable than other trainers I have had the opportunity to work with, and I think I will actually get MORE . I like the sounds of how he tackles the mental as much as the physical. Such an important factor!!

I don't have my full program yet, cuz I basically emailed on Saturday, screamed for help and said I wanna start Monday Pleeeeease! I have my diet plan, workouts will be coming. I was still so excited that I actually got my butt outta bed for pre breakfast cardio!!



. . . wanna know how I did it?!??

Before I went to bed I put half a mug of cold coffee on my nightstand, and a little bowl with my 1/4 scoop of protein and glutamine, and a little spoon to stir.

6:45 alarm goes off, I mix and chug coffee/protein (at this point hubby rolls over and grunts something about whatheckareyadoin ..meh.. rolls back over, assuming I am doing crazy fitness stuff again best not to ask!)

I hit snooze, 3-5 min later I was ready!! I am gonna do that again tonight. Preparation is vital to success!


  1. Congrats and best of luck! Even the best of us need trainers...they are there for SOOO MANY reasons...good that you's a great tool that will help you stay sane!

  2. Awesome! You will LOVE talking with him. He will not only give you a great body and health but he is wonderful to listen too.