Friday, March 5, 2010


I will be speaking about many different kinds of foundations today . . cuz wholly hell my face looks like leprosy!! I don't need foundation, I need spackle!! no skip that a paper bag!!

. . . . or maybe two . .

But what actually got me thinking about foundations was the "END RESULT" motivational quote in the Mar/Apr issue of M&F Hers:

" Accentuating your strengths, downplaying your weaknesses - this is the art of a professional competitor. It's also the art of being a woman."

~ Meriza DeGuzman

So this week I have lost 3lbs!! My goal for the year was to NEVER AGAIN get over 130lbs. - 7.5 more lbs and I will be 130lb Yay!

I also wanted to lose at least 10lbs before PHAT Camp April 24th. - again 7.5 more lbs and I will be 130lb Yay! I am pushing for more, but I want at least 10lbs gone!

But, my BF% is still rated cheese ass, and pics are not flattering.

But, I need to be positive so I continue to move forward. This is the point where most women want to give up cuz they have worked SO HARD all week and done everything right but they don't see *poof* instant results. BUT I DID GET RESULTS, and if I build on these results I will get to where I want to be. This is the foundation.

You know when you are building your dream home and you can't wait to paint it pretty colours and accessorise with pretty furniture. But you are standing beside a pile of mud and cement that looks nothing like a house. That's where I am with my body.

I am building my foundation. The next 3lbs will be even better, and that provides the basis for an even better next 3lbs. It will come. I need to focus on what I did right, bask in my achievements for the week, and build on that.

. . if you build it they will come . . LOL! just popped into my head, not sure who is gonna come . . or if I wanna go any further with that euphemism cuz It is probably headed to the gutter LOL!

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