Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's Proceed!

OK! Wrist- NOT fractured YAY!

Answers as to WHY it hurts sooOOo bad - none. Not good


Was referred to Physio Therapy across the hall from the doctors office, and I got in RIGHT AWAY, my lucky day.

I had a 1.5 hour therapy session. My FAVORITE part was the "tazer" device (that's what I call it) they hooked up to my wrist and made me all tingly and vibrate, but it was such a gooooood deeeeep massage it was so awesome for pain relief !

umm but the COST did not relieve my pain. $45 ouch! another $40 if I go back this week. But I have a root canal to finish up on March 8th and I gotta portion my money carefully these days.

So I have been using heat, and doing some stretching exercises and battery operated massager on it.

OH! that reminds me of when I was at physio and the PT gave me a vibrator, sex toy uhhh let's say "discreet" massager LOL! it was all I could do to not smirk when she handed it to me, it looked so inappropriate! Yes, I am immature. You know you woulda thought the same thing too! LOL!

I was amazing how remarkably better I felt after leaving Physio ! Mostly cuz I was able to open and close my car door and turn the steering wheel effectively without being in pain. Push ups are a little ways off yet.

It continues to feel better after my stretching and massaging and heat etc at home. So I am less scared to use it and do more with it now that I know I am not going to injure it further. Such a relief!

So now I need to proceed with training and stop the last chance syndrome as so eloquently put by Third Wish in her blog

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