Thursday, February 25, 2010

Had A Moment . . Went For It

Ya. .I was havin' a moment yesterday.

During my workout I started feeling better, and decided to just walk into "Great Cuts" and go for the chop!!

I love it!! Never had hair this short before ever. I had shorter hair 15 years ago as a teen, but it was more chin length bob. This is gonna be fun!

(on better hair days)

( looking at this made me realise I didn't look as bad as I felt
but I also did put a lot of concealer on before I took the pic.)
Shed some hair, now let's shed some lbs . . . I am ready for a spring cleaning ;)


  1. That hair cut is AWESOME on you! I love it!

  2. YORKIE!!!!! What's his/her name? I have 2! Jackson and Jillian. Best of luck with your transformation!