Monday, February 15, 2010

Befuddled By Injury

Well, there certainly seems to be quites a few injuries out there in fitness blogger land!
Alas, I am admitting to joining the ranks.

I have been having issues with my right wrist since late Oct. early Nov. I thought it was just a strain and tried pushing thru the pain expecting to get better as all little aches and pains of training usually do.

It was getting worse. So I invested in a wrist brace to wear when the pain got a bit worse and I felt like I needed some extra stability. But, I only wore it around the house.

But the more I acknowledged my injury and tried to compensate and reduce aggravation it got worse.

Now it hurts to close a car door, knead dough, hold a pen, pickup my puppy . . pretty much everything.

So I got an X-ray last Friday. I see the doc this Friday for the report.

In the meantime I did some Internet research and my self diagnosis hypochondriac guess is a
scaphoid fracture

So at this point I can't pick up a jug of milk anymore let alone any weights at the gym. So I can basically only train legs and do cardio . . . hmmm . .kinda sucks cuz everything my favorite is upper body. . . but everything I neeeed to improve (as in trim down) is lower body.

So, I may just focus on leaning down, finally . Cuz, that may be all I can do . .

But, we'll see. Like I said it is my self diagnosis at this point. regardless it hurts and needs help , meaning rest I guess.

first step is admitting it.


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