Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Go Back . . Wayyyy Back

Wholly Smokes! I suck at this blog thingy when I get busy!

First Update:

No, I did not die at PHAT Camp! LOL!

That was like, umm . . over 3 months ago!!

PHAT Camp was awesome! As it is every year. I missed Heather Bear who was not able to travel with Jen and her staff due to her Hubby's work changes and circumstances at home I hope she can join the PHAT Camp tour again soon.

I had some great compliments at PHAT Camp that made me feel so much better about competing and my conditioning at that point. Allison Black Stirling (google her !) really noticed more width in my back, huge compliment that she noticed!!

Other girls were commenting on my arms and noticed more size from previous years, and the new girls just loved my arms LOL! I felt kinda like a celebrity I love the positive reinforcement of PHAT Camp . . . Don't worry I handed out my fair share of compliments to others LOL . .It was not all about me :P

But at that point I felt behind in my training and conditioning and those compliments really stuck out in my mind.

Had a great cheat re-feed meal with D at Red Lobster. It was HILARIOUS 4 girls, all wearing their new PHAT Camp shirts, standing in line waiting to get in at Red Lobster, we all need to pee like REALLY bad cuz we drank lotsa water. We all go to the bathroom and groan in unison as we sit down . .OUR ACHING QUADS OMG! Then we all laugh at each other in unison. Then waddle out to our table and all groan again as we sit.

Then D and I drool over the menu, and can't decide between rice or potato, shrimp , lobster, or steak etc. So we orchestrate our meal to get it ALL. I get steak and lobster she get shrimp and lobster, I get rice she gets potato it was awesome!

We ooooo-ed and awwwww-ed over every bite it was so good. we were seriously crazy people. Our friends were joking we were gonna end up on YouTube LOL!

Oh! the hideous pictures that got taken:
what is up with my FACE!??!! D is no better she is rolling her eyes LOL!
Made them take another picture . . . I sucked in my neck this time LOL!

Updates to be continued . . .

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