Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Emotional Cake

Last weekend was the wedding. Marilyns sons wedding. I thought of her often while making the cake.

Before the cake had been cut I had so many people coming up to me and asking if I had made the cake. When I said yes, everyone responded with : " oh, well I am definately having a peice then, cuz your cakes taste so good too!" It was a vanilla cake with layers of white chocolate vanilla pudding, covered in white chocolate buttercream icing, coconut and white chocolate curls. It was so rich and delcious I could only have a small peice. The WHOLE cake was gone, not a crumb left I got many compliments on the cake.

I think it is my favorite cake to date.

One of the last hospital visits with Marilyn we were discussing the cake and she was so excited for the wedding. She was an amazing cook and just loved food and could cook for 2, 20, or 200 in a flash, she had planned the wedding menu.
In some ways all that hospital drama seems like so long ago.


  1. What a beautiful cake!! What talent!!! I can't even get my cakes to taste good...let alone look that AMAZING!! My thoughts have been w/you since reading your post on M&F board (jennylm... I rarely post. I was the one that started the KK firestorm ;) I know you've had a really rough few months...thinking about you!

  2. thank you! I think things are turinin' around :)